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Swedish post punks from AHRM release new video!

So many favorite words in one sentence, huh? :) Be sure to check out this Swedish post punk rio called AHRM and be on the look out for their new debut album, to be released on August 29th! The band has just premiered a new video for their song “Heat Seeking Help” and it’s available for your viewing pleasure below!

Thanks go to Stargazer Records for singing these guys and letting me know! :)

The label commented:

A restless night with less than three hours of sleep. The alarm bell. Somnolence. Coffee. Checking news – checking mails. Routine.

Clicking on a mail. Sender : “AHRM”. Clicked on a youtube link. Still somnolent. Listening to the first chords of a song called “All The Bells”. Awake. Instantly. Damn! Wondering why the heck I never heard of them before after I realized that these guys do come from Malmö. The mission: signing these guys!

It’s an addiction. I just cannot stop listening to the 8 tracks of their debut album. Repeat. Satisfying my need.

Their selftitled debut album is going to be released in late summer. On vinyl. Promised!

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