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Syracuse agoraphobic, nihilistic, queer punk CHEAT 2 WIN releases new raw thrashy hardore demo

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Greg used to play bass in a punk band called Perfect Pussy until 2015 and pretty much went into punk rock retirement after that due to all sorts of bad experiences. Almost 8 years since our interview with his other band CRUCIAL MACABRE, we have teamed up again to give you some more details and background behind this new harsh sounding project CHEAT 2 WIN, created with Greg’s roomate, who plays drums in a bunch of local funk/jam cover bands here in town and needed to do something during quarantine to stay loose.

“We ended up recording a demo with all instruments recorded at our apartment on a Tascam DP008ex” – says Greg. “Vocals were tracked at my buddies grave a few miles away and I scared the shit out of some joggers on accident!”

Cheat 2 Win started as just an outlet for the cabin fever caused by lockdowns and hysteria during covid 2020. Gavin was drumming in a handful of bands that all had active live and recording schedules. His current bands are The Jess Novak Band, BSG, Strange To Look At, and Chiggin’.

Greg had been in punk rock retirement for the last 5 years with lots of riffs laying around waiting to be put on a demo. Previously, he has been in many punk bands, including the mentioned Crucial Macabre, as well as Blunt Guts, soreXcuse, Perfect Pussy, and Twisted Riffster.

All instruments were recorded at the pairs apartment in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse, NY. Vocals were all tracked at St.Marys cemetery at a close friends gravesite.

Cheat 2 Win so far is just a recording project somewhat as a result of live music still being banned here in most of the states but mostly because of Greg’s crippling agoraphobia and depression.

“Its just so much more fun to write and record then move on to the next song instead of constantly practicing and dealing with other peoples schedules and personalities” said Greg about his experience being in touring bands. “I am especially hard to get along with in a group setting because im an old and impatient asshole so its better to just spare everyone”.

“Thats kind of the idea of the band in a nutshell, recognizing your bad along with your good and trying to put yourself in a place where you understand instead of judge everyone elses evil tendencies. I think its important for the youth to continue to push the envelope of progression but you reach a certain age when you realize you are an idealistic asshole just like everyone you were against and its time to step aside and let the next generation take the reigns.”

Live shows aren’t out of the question but they say they just want to concentrate on making music and see what falls in place.

Lyrics were inspired by the writings of Carl Jung, James Theodore Stillwell III, Andre Cancian, and many others. Band influences for Gavin on drums include Jose Pasillas, Charlie Benante, and John Bonham. Gregs all time guitar heros are Chuck Schuldiner, Dimebag, Alex Webster, and Ryan Waste.

Top 10 tracks/albums CHEAT 2 WIN has been listening to in 2020:

Gavins tracks:

1. Mr. Bungle – Quote Unquote

2. Power Trip – Crossbreaker

3. Anthrax – Indians

4. Van Halen – Somebody Get Me A Doctor

5. Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose

Gregs album picks:

1. Power Trip – Armageddon Blues Sessions

2. Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

3. Magrudergrind – Magrudergrind

4. Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment

5. Annihilation Time – II


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