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TAKING BACK SUNDAY – “Better Homes And Gardens” video

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Hapiness Is” was released last year via Hopeless Records and marked the band’s 6th studio album! The effort saw Adam Lazzara reuniting with the rest of the original lineup: John Nolan, Eddie Reyes, Shaun Cooper and Mark O’Connell.

The band’s vocalist Adam Lazzara commented:

“Eddie (Reyes) had this wonderful idea of watching a home burn to the soundtrack of “Better Homes And Gardens. With the help of the Greensboro fire department we were able to make that happen. As I was sitting there watching the house burn, and they were running playback of the song, there couldn’t have been anything more fitting. It was very emotional.”


when you took that ring off
balled it in your fist
your eyes like a smoking gun
surprised at what you did
you said “You’re not coming in,
my parents are home,
so is my kid”
when you took that ring off
I sat there stunned
parked out in my car
surprised by what you’d done
the courage that must have took left me utterly speechless
and though it came as no surprise I still couldn’t believe it
but it was all for nothing
when you took that ring off
threw it at your feet
you didn’t say a word
much less look at me
the courage that must have took…
I just couldn’t believe it
in that moment
you were perfect
and it made all the bullshit
seem worth it
but it was all for nothing
and now you’ll never be happy
“you’ll never be happy.”

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