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WORTHWHILE – “A Name, Two Dates, and a Phrase” video

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The track comes from the band’s new album ‘Old World Harm‘, to be released on July 17 via Hopeless Records. The outing will serve a follow up to WORTHWHILE‘s latest record “Carry On Kid”, released in April of 2012.


Sleepy harbor town. Quiet. Calm. It’s a Nightmare. Nothing’s right. It’s all wrong.
Fog blankets the streets, just like your sheets that numbingly put you to sleep.
Chimneys poke through trees that have lost all their leaves due to cold winter freeze.
You give a blank stare into that deep sea, recite your prayer, then fall asleep in this nightmare.

A slave to the mundane. Doors locked from the inside.
This lazy lullaby makes one day bleed into the next.

Candlelight flickers on your grandfather clock face. The secondhand ticks down your days.
Tick tock. Your wristwatch won’t stop. These years pass by in a blaze.

Lone Tree Cemetery lies across the street. Wise is he who ventures these forbidden things.
In that dirt lie beggars and kings. An odd figure holds a lantern. Shines it into mysteries.
The Ghost of Yet to Come shows you a hurting world…just like today, nothing’s changed.
The flame shines on a stone with your name, two dates, and the phrase “Here Lies A Waster of Days.”

Don’t carry such a terrible thing into eternity.
The wind bids you through open window out onto the sea. You can handle so much more than you think.
The breeze fills the sail and the soul, taking you to adventures yet told.

The whisper of wisdom dances with your curtains. “Run away with me.”
Never despise the days of small beginnings. She whispers, “Godspeed.”

The thunder. The waves. A compass. A stowaway.
Give thanks for clear sky and the tempest. Calm seas never shaped the greatest.
Leave that town behind. Change your fate.
The flame shines on a stone with your name, two dates, and the phrase “Here Lies A Chaser of Waves.“


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