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TEXAS IS THE REASON talk their reunion

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TEXAS IS THE REASON recently sat down with Noisecreep to talk about their reunion.

Right! It’s really difficult to wrap my brain around it. In the years since we broke up, it’s amazing to see how much a part of my life, almost incessantly, Texas is the Reason has become. For example, when I got my job teaching, one of the professor-mentors said to me: ‘One day, we’ve got to talk about music.’ And I thought to myself: ‘Why?’ and she said to me ‘Oh, I know who you are. I saw you play in North Carolina.’ Those types of experiences happen all the time. I’ll be at a restaurant and all of a sudden I get comped, reason being ‘You were in Texas is the Reason.’ I can’t explain it. There’s just a general sense of goodwill for the band that has always existed. So I suppose that yes, we’re doing these shows to support these songs and give them life. However, on another level, it is a way of returning this goodwill that I’ve experienced for the past fifteen years simply because we did this band once and we made a record that connected with people.

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