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Texas metalcore band BRIGHTBURN premiere new video for “Claustrophobia”

“Claustrophobia” is about understanding one’s fears and considering the detriment you can cause yourself when facing them. The song is written like a confession or someone confiding to a friend. The character “speaking” the song is at a place in life where the fear of reality feels suffocating but they’re aware of the feeling itself being temporary, almost with a sarcastic sense of positivity.

Claustrophobia was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marcus Scoggins. Music video by Chris Honetso of Rek Media.

For fans of: Spite, Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan TX, Traitors, Varials

Brightburn are an independent four piece metalcore band from Midland, Texas. The band formed in 2019 from a collection of long-haired softies and music loving friends.


Their unique brand of entertainment fuses hard-hitting grooves and punchy low-end with enchanting metal vocals.

Brightburn have had the pleasure of opening for iconic bands such as Signs of the Swarm, Goatwhore, Upon A Burning Body, and many more. It is certain they are meant to create and show their art. Listen to their lyrics, watch their performances, and interact with them at their merch table ─ a real superb group.

Brightburn is: Alec Torres [Vocals], Mario Carrillo [Guitar, Vocals], Andrew Beltran [Bass], Gustavo Melendez [Drums],

Claustrophobia Lyrics:

“Actuality closes in
As everything falls away.
This claustrophobia
Courses through my veins.

This feeling
Comes in waves of loss.
This feeling
Comes with lines I can’t afford to cross.

I’ve been here before
And I know I’ll be here again.
This is where I’ll be
When you’re ready to leave.

Sweet nothings were spoken perfectly clear.

Ribbons of ties I’ve severed
Hang like trophies on the wall
They represent the times we spent,
And chances I never had at all.”

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