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“Underneath The Sky” by Swedish hardcore band GIVE TODAY packs punchy riffs and memorable hardcore hooks from first listen

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Sweden’s hardcore gem, Give Today, might have less than 1000 listeners on Spotify, but their latest release “Underneath The Sky” proves that numbers don’t tell the whole story. Dropped on March 17th, this five-track effort deserves a spotlight, highlighting the vast number of talented artists waiting to be discovered.

“Underneath The Sky (Away From Life)” sets the tone for the EP, a narrative driven by the dual perspectives of Klas, the band’s vocalist, and Emanuel, their guitarist.

Klas reflects on the song’s essence, capturing the beauty of simplicity and the profound connection between two people against the backdrop of the Scandinavian summer.


“Being together, underneath the sky,” he says, encapsulating the song’s spirit. Emanuel’s contribution to the song’s genesis, from its inception in his living room to its final arrangement in the studio, highlights the collaborative spirit of Give Today. The mention of Rudy’s dynamic drumming further underscores the band’s synergy, as they blend various inspirations into a coherent sonic journey.

The narrative progresses with “Hopes Fade,” a track born from a grueling writing session in Kiruna.

Emanuel recalls the intense process of refining the song, hinting at the emotional and physical toll it exacted on the band. Yet, this struggle birthed a track that contrasts sharply with its predecessor, delving into themes of winter, darkness, and the perpetual night.


Klas’s poetic approach to songwriting shines through as he draws parallels between nature, seasons, and emotions, anchoring the EP’s thematic exploration.

“Sweet Dreams” emerges as the EP’s most ambitious composition, according to the band. Born from a noodle by Waldemar, the track is a rich blend of post rock infused sound, featuring a multitude of guitar tracks, trumpets, pianos, and a concluding choir.

The decision to involve a local music academy and twelve-year-old Per’s trumpet performance adds layers of community and innocence to the song. The anecdote of the vocal arrangement’s evolution, from Emanuel’s random singing to a full-fledged choral arrangement, showcases the band’s creative fluidity and openness to experimentation.


“Alive” and “Legacy” further expand the EP’s emotional landscape. “Alive,” as described by Klas, is a narrative of moving forward and finding strength, while Emanuel emphasizes the band’s diverse musical aspirations and the inclusion of a calmer, more reflective segment inspired by slower Title Fight songs. “Legacy” delves into personal history and genealogical research, with Klas drawing inspiration from a distant relative’s essay and poem. This song is a homage to the band members’ ancestors, weaving their stories and legacies into the fabric of the EP.

Each track, enriched by the band’s reflections and collaborative spirit, stands as a chapter in a larger story of resilience, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of free expression and thought provoking craft.


This EP is truly a tightly packed collection of well-crafted, energetically captivating riffs and plays in hardcore, with zero boredom and something that sticks in your head right from the first listen. Don’t miss out on this!

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