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Thai post hardcore act SPRING.FALL.SEA release new record; emotional single and video streaming

“The Man In Gold” by post hardcore act SPRING.FALL.SEA marks the band’s second song off their upcoming new record “The Seedless Fruit” and it’s really worth your time. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Shane Edwards Productions at Karma Sound Studios, the record will be released via Newlights Productions and Endeavour Records on May 5th. Pre-orders are up now!

The Man In Gold lyrics:

“Imagine the man raised in gold
The colours of the world look bleak and old
He’s building a tower beyond the sky
The world is applauding the unknown heights


Life goals
It’s insanity what you want from me

From their graves his ancestors pray
“Mankind shall wipe all life in his way
To proof our greatness to the face of the earth
Our kingdom shall rise, for better or worse”

The man speaks “the land belongs to me
And if you build my tower I’ll let you walk free”
Generations devoted to the man’s idea
The machinery fueled with our blood, sweat and fear

He sits on the top, proud and pleased
“It’s well deserved what I have achieved!”
The air and the sun now belong to me too
Since I am the one who paid for this view


Life goals
It’s insanity what you want from me

From our graves (It’s insanity)
The man lies here too (It’s insanity)”

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