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Italian progressive post hardcore act FALL OF MINERVA release new video for Novocaine

8 months after our video interview for IDIOTEQ and a cool live footage released in early 2017, experimental post hardcore/metal act FALL OF MINERVA is back with a new music video for their track called “Novocaine”. Watch below and scroll down to check out the record ‘Portraits’, released last year on Basick Records.


In the end all that’s left is that scream in your hallway at night,
Hands and shapes, those twisted guts.
It’ s all stuck, it’s like an invisible scar
It’s all stuck somewhere in my mind.
When the storm started out we met in the street, trying to hide the tears welling from our eyes in the rain.We talked about time forever lost and I said we always make sense of things once they’re gone.
Our sense of immortality has turned us into a youth full of regrets.
And I’m talking to the part of you you’ve lost in a forest of worn out habits
Have you forgotten those breathless sighs on the back seat of my car?
Our sense of immortality has turned us into a youth full of regrets
You taught me to let it go, you taught me to let it go.
And I’m not wishing for your return, I gave up thinking about what’s left.
It’s only two sheets to rip off the wall and those chords that’ll always strike me inside.
This is the last chapter of our favorite book that we know by heart and for which we will always hope of getting a different ending.
It doesn’t make sense to keep cursing myself or fate,
I swallowed so many sins I can no longer feel their weight.

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