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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN (ex-members of EMAROSA) unveil new single “Half Life” [PREMIERE]

Lexington, KY based post-hardcore outlet THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN is a relatively new band composed of current and past members of Emarosa (then also known as Corsets are Cages) A Scent Like Wolves, and Softspoken. Today, we’re pleased to give you their new melancholia infused, emotional, yet powerful new single “Half Life“, along with a first-hand explanation of the song below.

“Half life is (in a way) a confession to my mother.” – comments vocalist Chris Roberts. “As a child she was married to a very violent career criminal and the unspeakable things I saw him do to her really affected me as a kid. Something I buried inside myself for a long time and really never had a way to express to my loved ones. The first few lines in the track are my interpretation of my mom not understanding why I sleep all day when I can. She never understood it was my only escape.The rest of the track is from the perspective of a very misguided angry man. I spent a very long time thinking of what I would do to my step dad if I ever had the chance. All the times I looked up his address, where he lives. What he’s doing. Ironically becoming what I hated the most. This track to me represents if I had followed through and found him. Making him feel like a helpless child.”

KY based melodic post hardcore band THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN

Ever since their respective bands toured together in 2017, guitarist Chris Wethington (of Softspoken) and drummer Cody Frain (of A Scent Like Wolves) entertained the idea of writing together in a new project.

Four years later, after touring across the world, racking up millions of streams, and releasing Billboard charting albums separately, their ideas and talents have come together to create the perfect blend of progressive metalcore grooves and beautifully dissonant melodies.

Giving a voice to the music is Chris Roberts – the original vocalist of (formerly) post-hardcore band Emarosa (then also known as Corsets are Cages). Roberts played a large part in writing the first versions of most of the songs that would end up on Emarosa’s breakout EP “This is Your Way Out”, but parted ways with the band to see success in two other regional acts (The Revival Sound, Take Me Home) before taking a break from performing.

Half Life Single

Having shared the stage with Roberts while in his first band (Thwomp in the House of Boo), Wethington knew that Roberts’ voice and vocal style was the perfect fit, and it turned out that after a long break to collect himself and refocus, Roberts, too, was ready.

To round out the lineup, Wethington brought in Garrett Harper, whom he played alongside not only in Softspoken, but also in their mutual first band, Thwomp.

Check out the band’s previous single “Cold Comfort” HERE.

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Half Life lyrics:

oh my god
open your eyes
you’ve been asleep for days
what have you been doing?

I’ve been eye to eye with my demons
they stalk up down the walls of this apartment
tearing at me while i’m sleeping

rip out the life left in you
rip out the life,
my soul, what you created
I can’t escape.

not enough in this world (walking to your room creep up to your bed}
to choke the footsteps in my head.

I imbibe to keep the shadows away
all my memories carry a dull blade
I close my eyes to keep from finding you
carry me to solace
lay my hate to rest
deep inside his chest.

tears to mark not the loss of love or myself but of reason

not enough in this world (walking to your room creep up to your bed}
to choke the footsteps in my head.

not enough in this world (walking to your room creep up to your bed}
to choke your voice out of my mind

your voice rides in my hate
this is where you pay.

red waves fall on these wicked ways.

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