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THE GEEKS – “Defining Moments” video

Scott from TERROR, David Wood from DOWN TO NOTHING and Martijn from NO TURNING BACK have teamed up with South Korean hardcore band THE GEEKS, who are celebrating 15 years of being a band!


This is the moment that defines our lives
Restless soul | Rebel hearts
Live, learn, still young at heart
And this……this is our dance
The moments that define our lives
My heart still beats
These words still ring true
With a pen, echoes and the reason to scream
Take the risk and dare to fail
And this… this is our time!
The moments that define our lives
This is all I have
This is all we have
The moments that define
This is the compass that guides us
Inner city poets | The few and far between
Inside of us, there’s a light that they will never see
The moments that define our lives

Fifteen years ago in Seoul, South Korea, THE GEEKS formed in the same fashion that hardcore bands in North America and Europe do; friends coming together, recording demos, playing small shows, and attempting to voice a message. The difference is that outside of the 70’s and 80’s, very few hardcore bands are largely credited as being the creators of their nation’s hardcore community.

Over the last decade and a half, THE GEEKS have not only put Seoul hardcore on the map, but they’ve also toured the world amongst the likes of DOWN TO NOTHING, BANE, and OUTBREAK. The band is also responsible for bringing SICK OF IT ALL, TERROR, and STRIKE ANYWHERE onto Korean soil for the first time.

Accolades aside, THE GEEKS turn to the next chapter of their career with a brand new 12 song full length, Still Not In This Alone. Expect a similar brand of positive melodic hardcore that THE GEEKS have always crafted to perfection, along with post-hardcore/90’s influences that help set the new material apart from any of their previous releases. Features guest vocals from Pat Flynn of HAVE HEART, Scott Vogel of TERROR, and Martijn of NO TURNING BACK.

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