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The Godfathers of Hardcore, the AGNOSTIC FRONT documentary streaming in full

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The acclaimed documentary film “The Godfathers of Hardcore” has been made available for free on YouTube, much to the delight of fans of hardcore punk music and those interested in the New York Hardcore (NYHC) scene. The documentary focuses on Agnostic Front, a legendary hardcore punk band that played a key role in defining and shaping the sound and cultural code of conduct for the NYHC movement.

The documentary is directed by Ian McFarland, who brings a unique understanding of structure, music, pacing, and emotion to his projects. McFarland has created Emmy-nominated and award-winning documentary work that is not only intimate in tone but also showcases his ability to peel back layers of his subjects’ personalities and bring forth a true sense of who they are through beautiful imagery and meaningful reflection.

Agnostic Front by @ladandmisfit
Agnostic Front by @ladandmisfit

The film features Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma, the two lynchpins of NYHC, who are the embodiment of hardcore, representing endurance, perseverance, brotherhood, strength against oppression and the will to keep going, obstacles be damned. Agnostic Front exists on a level all their own, a level of their own creation. The messages they present in their music are as relevant today as they were in the 1980s when the band members were impoverished, scrappy and ambitious, often fighting for their very survival as well as the perseverance of their volatile but highly inspirational band.

The Godfathers Of Hardcore movie
The Godfathers Of Hardcore movie

The documentary delves into the band’s early years, their rise to fame, and their continued relevance in the music scene even today. Unlike dozens of bands that have come and gone, leaving their indelible footprint along the way, Agnostic Front is still going strong, 11 studio albums into their 30-plus year career.

AGNOSTIC FRONT by Jörg Baumgarten
AGNOSTIC FRONT by Jörg Baumgarten

The film captures the gritty and raw essence of the band and the NYHC scene, showcasing the struggles and hardships that the band members faced in their early years, both as individuals and as a band. The documentary offers a fascinating insight into the evolution of the hardcore punk genre, and how Agnostic Front played a pivotal role in shaping its sound and ethos.

The film is not just about music but also delves into the band’s personal lives, relationships, and struggles. It showcases the unbreakable bond between Roger and Vinnie, and how they have stuck together through thick and thin, supporting each other through the ups and downs of their careers and personal lives.

The documentary features interviews with other legendary figures from the NYHC scene, including members of Sick of It All, Murphy’s Law, and Madball, who share their memories of the early days of the movement and how it has evolved over the years. The film also features rare archival footage of Agnostic Front and the NYHC scene, adding to its authenticity and credibility.

The documentary has received critical acclaim, with many calling it a must-see for fans of punk music and those interested in the history of the NYHC scene. Forbes has called it the first deep dive into hardcore’s Agnostic Front, while Variety has hailed it as a powerful tribute to a band of hardcore brothers who never gave up. Rolling Stone has described it as a film that “shows a band of hardcore brothers who never gave up,” and the Hollywood Reporter has praised McFarland for paying homage to NYHC punk pioneers Agnostic Front.

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