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The Lazy Revolution: Italian alt rocker DAYDREAM THREE cherish the beauty of life on new gratifying album

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DAYDREAM THREE is the solo project by Enzo Pepi, a guitarist of the Sicilian post rock/noise rock scene of the 2000s. Initially he was active in the local scene and involved with the bands Twig Infection and The Pepiband. Between 2012 and 2014 he also collaborated with rock songwriter Carmelo Amenta. In 2019, he released his critically acclaimed debut album “Daydream” via Noja Recordings. His new album, “The Lazy Revolution” will be released on October 8, 2021 by labels Noja Recordings and Altipiani, and today we’re leased to ive you an early full stream, along with Enzo’s special track by track rundown below.

Like his first offering, the new album was recorded live by sound engineer Carlo Barbagallo. In the studio, Enzo worked with two excellent and expert musicians: Vincenzo Arisco (Walmus Brothers) on drums and Christian Cutrufo (Twig Infection) on bass.

The Lazy Revolution is not a concept album, but many songs deal with the theme of the beauty of life. We often look for happiness in extraordinary experiences, but actually happiness can be found in simple things: a barbecue with friends, family, colors in the sky at sunset, the earthy scent when rain falls on dry soil, etc. We live in an age based on the concepts of speed and quantity, The Lazy Revolution goes for slowness and quality.

“The album was recorded live in studio.” – says Enzo. “I like this recording technique, because I think it’s the best way to capture the musicians‘ emotions. First I created the music and then I wrote the lyrics.”

The first track is the memory of my teenage years, especially when we skipped the school.

The second track, “1992”, comes also from a memory : In this song I talk about an old rock radio show that I listened to at night.

Supermarket” talks about a shopping day.

Harvest” describes the days spent with my friends making the wine we usually drink during the winter.

Continued below:

Daydream Three

The fifth track gives the title to the album: I prefer to live slower to enjoy life better, this is my lazy revolution.

Then there is “Chemistry is ok”, in this song I criticize those who think that science or medicine are wrong.

The idea of “Autumn afternoon” was born from the memory of an unknown girl that I saw on a balcony, while I was walking through the streets of my town.

I want nothing more” describes a typical spring afternoon in Sicily. In Sicily, in the spring, the weather is very mild and I like to relax after lunch.

In “ Exceptional Day” I list the events that can make a day special. They aren’t extraordinary events, they are little everyday things.

Lips” I am surrounded by women’s lips. “The silence of the country” describes my positive feelings when I am in the countryside.

The last song is a metaphor for life: “sometimes we are the drivers, sometimes it’s the road”.

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