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The Nickel City hardcore compilation (1993) available!

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The Nickel City Compilation (1993), featuring SNAPCASE, AGAINST ALL HOPE, SLUGFEST, ZERO TOLERANCE, ROBOTS KILL, COMMON GROUND, EVERGREEN, FADEAWAY and CINDERBLOCK, is streaming online, available as free download!

This Buffalo hardcore compilation was originally released on cassette in 1993 by the Living Fanzine.

Here’s the description by Impose Magazine:

This old Buffalo hardcore compilation has been a mainstay in my collection since it made its way into my high school-aged hands, but upon my latest attempt to listen to it – my first in roughly ten years – I noticed that while I still had the cover, the tape was missing. In its place, a dubbed version of Mind Over Four’s Destiny. (Please hold all jokes til the end.) It then became my mission to track down the music.

Despite the initial release being limited to 100 by the local fanzine “Living”, finding someone in Buffalo who still had the music was not as hard as it might seem. First off, it was released in 1993 when everyone owned tape players, so dubbed versions were common. Secondly, it’s a classic. You can throw as many old hardcore clichés my way as you want, but growing up going to shows with bands like these — and the work ethic they personified — is very much the reason I’m into doing what I do. Thanks to my friend Scott, I was able to get the entire cassette along with a slew of other old Buffalo hardcore releases.

Read the rest of it here.

The Nickel City Compilation

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