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THE OFFSPRING members interviewed by KROQ, April 2012

Last Friday (April 27th), THE OFFSPRING members Dexter Holland and Noodles sat down for an interview with the Los Angeles, California rock radio station KROQ, who premiered their new single “Days Go By”, the title track taken from their upcoming album, which comes out on June 26th.

In regards to both the song and album, Dexter states:

It’s been a work in progress. We’ve been working on this record for a couple of years and this is one of the first ones we wrote. It’s gone through stages where we’ll play it for a while and say, you know that could be a little bit better… Usually people don’t know about that as we revise songs but now with the Internet it’s different. We were just in Japan and we were gonna debut a new song off the record and we knew that as soon as we played it in Japan it would be on YouTube… We’re basically playing it for the whole world.

You can read what else Dexter and Noodles have to say here.

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