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THE OFFSPRING’s Dexter Holland talks to Billboard about “Days Go By”

THE OFFSPRING singer Dexter Holland was recently interviewed by, where he talks about their new single “Days Go By”, the title track from their upcoming album, which comes out next month.

On the song, he states:

That song literally went up and down in relation to how it was doing next to the other songs as the record went forward. It was probably the first song we started working on and just about the last song that we finished. We really kept coming back to it over the course of the record.

Holland also talks about the different versions of “Days Go By” on YouTube:

There are versions on YouTube where the guitar riff is different, the verse is different, the chorus is different-so it’s a totally different song now, really. It was kind of toward the end [of recording] when people started listening to it. My friends, my manager started pointing at it, saying, “That’s the one you’ve got to go with.”

Photo by hazyskyline.

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