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THE SUFFERING’s debut album unleashes a relentless metal onslaught – listen to “The Disconnect”

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Delivering a thundering metal onslaught with a sturdy hardcore spine, The Suffering live up to their dour name on a debut album of unbridled aggression. Comprised of members who are no strangers to the world of abrasive music — veterans from the likes of Bleeding Through, Light This City, Mean Season, and First Blood — the band have birthed a new monster entirely of their own making.

Despite the members’ roots in previous notable acts, The Suffering diverge from past endeavors, opting for a noisier, bleaker, and more earache-inducing brand of metal. The result is a record that stands on its own throat-punching merits. Its non-stop attack and pointed lyrical approach can only be described as utterly relentless, combining break-neck speed and jarring breakdowns into an all-out musical tempest.

Adding fuel to the raging fire is the searing guest vocal spot on “Preach” by Aaron Weseman of Disembodied fame. The band warns prospective listeners to “file under uneasy listening,” and with good reason.

Those eager to get their hands on the album will be pleased to know that pre-orders go live at 12:05 am PST this Friday, September 15th. The album can be pre-ordered via Protagonist or Deathwish Inc.

In anticipation of the album’s release, The Suffering have premiered their new song, “The Disconnect.”

Band members Scott and John share their thoughts on the track: “The Disconnect is a song that unfortunately we can all relate to… Everyone has had that person in their life that gaslights and manipulates every situation imaginable. At every turn, they play the victim and refuse to take any accountability for their actions, regardless of the consequences. It’s sad and infuriating when you’ve been forced into making a decision to leave that person behind while they choose to go down in flames.”

Expounding more about thew album, the band states: “This record is our first recording as The Suffering, and it was the perfect storm of frustration, anger, disappointment, and inspiration in all of those things. It started as something we wanted and quickly turned into something we need. It is a sincere trainwreck of frustration and bitterness toward a lot of our day-to-day surroundings, and even beyond.”


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