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THE SWELLERS interviewed by Buzznet

Check out a new interview with Jono from THE SWELLERS. He sheds some light on everything from the best advice learned on tour to Donkey Kong 64.

What is one memory from a show that stands out to you the most?

For me the craziest moment of my life was when Paramore took us on a bizarre Pacific Rim and we got to play to over 10,000 people in Jakarta, Indonesia. There were security guards everywhere, we had to be escorted and I was playing this extremely old trashy rental drum kit that a high school would probably have in its band room. We walked out on the outside stage in front of this huge statue/monument and just the sound of everyone screaming made me remember this is why I do what I do. All of the crap we’ve gone through the last 10 years seems worth it on days like that. Too bad the people were probably bummed when they realized we weren’t Paramore haha!

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THE SWELLERS – “Inside My Head” video:

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