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THE SWELLERS talk about their new EP plans

THE SWELLERS‘ Nick Diener recently spoke to Alternative Press about their departure from Fueled By Ramen Records and releasing their new EP independently.


He comments:

With the [new Side One Dummy Records 7-inch], it was just like a handshake deal because we just love everyone at the label and they love our band, so we were like, “Cool, let’s do it.” Those were two songs from the Good for Me sessions that didn’t quite fit the record. They were some of our favorite songs that we recorded at The Blasting Room. 

We got to this point where we were like, “Let’s put out a record ourselves and outsell the major label record we just put out.” I think that’s going to be the biggest “fuck you” to the music industry that’s happened in a while. A lot of bands are forced to become an independent band because no one will put out their records and they were dropped from their label, whereas the Swellers asked to leave the label. Labels have approached us and we’re like, “Cool, man. Thank you, but wait a second. We need to do this first.


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