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The Unlikely Links Between Music and Slot Games Gives Artists New Opportunities

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What do music and games, specifically slot games, have in common? Not a lot, right? Wrong. Much like how music is integral to movies, casino games can be made enhanced with a catchy tune. In fact, such is the power of music to make slots more engaging, it’s become a sub-genre. For example, the software company NetEnt works with popular bands and record labels to create musical slots.

The Connections Are More than Superficial

Guns N’ Roses was the first of the sub-genre to rock casino players. From there, slots dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Motorhead, and Motley Crue have made noise within the industry. You can even raise hell with a punk music slot known, somewhat unimaginatively, as Punk Rocker. The point here is that music and slots do have a relationship.

In fact, it’s not just music-themed slots that should interest you as a musician. Take, for example, Blue Wizard. If you play Blue Wizard at Paddy Power, you’ll notice a few things. Firstly, it has five reels and 30 paylines. Secondly, you’ll be playing for prizes worth up to 2,880X your bet. Thirdly, you’ll notice that it has a haunting soundtrack. Ominous synth sounds are combined with the occasional electronic drum beat to create a complete sensory experience.

The game would function perfectly well without any sounds. However, to ensure that players are fully immersed in the supernatural theme, the developers haven’t skimped on the soundtrack. As an aspiring artist, this should be music to your ears. Why? Because we live in a world where getting a record deal is no longer the only route to market. Yes, it would be great if you have the backing of a label like Sony. However, to reach the masses and make money (if that’s your thing), you don’t need a label.

New Ways to Make Yourself Heard

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

You can start uploading songs to Soundcloud and YouTube. You can then set up social media accounts to promote the songs and, if they strike a chord, people will start following you. The right songs released at the right time can go viral. When that happens, you’ve got a readymade audience you can parlay into gigs, merchandise sales, and more. In addition to taking the social media route, you can experiment with making music for slot games.

The sheer number and diversity of online slots out there mean you aren’t necessarily restricted in what you create. Some slots only require simple soundtracks. Others are more complex and, therefore, offer more scope to be creative. You might be able to find your niche there. For example, if the game has a post-apocalyptic theme, heavy riffs similar to Iron Man and Master of Puppets would work well. You might want to go against the grain and write a tune that doesn’t necessarily match the visuals.

The options are almost endless. The point here is that the emergence of online slots created new opportunities for musicians. You might not have thought when we started, but you should now be aware of why music and slots are linked and, in turn, the chances these links create. It’s a great time to be a musician. If you’re willing to think outside of the box and embrace what the internet offers, you can get your music heard.

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