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THINK TWICE interviewed by Hard Times Webzine

Hard Times Webzine conducted an interview with THINK TWICE.

I know you’d probably appreciate me asking you about football but I really know nothing about it so I’ll just quiz you about the band/hardcore. Where did the idea to start Think Twice come from? How did you guys form?

There was no sudden light bulb moment for Think Twice or divine inspiration. It was just four dudes who really wanted to play in a Hardcore band finding each other. I put on a gig last February (2011) and a weird looking kid called Marcus Morris posted on the FB event asking if anyone wanted to do vocals for a band sounding like xFilesx or Think I Care.

Obviously that’s not what happened, but I like those bands so I replied. I didn’t know any of the other guys (they had all met a similar way) but we came together and wrote a Hardcore demo that ended up sounding nothing like that (I just don’t hate enough). At the time I didn’t know many people in Nottingham and even less who were into the same kinds of Hardcore. I was desperate to do something and this is how it happened!

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