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Thrash hardcore label Powertrip Records release end-of-the-year mixtape of cool hardcore jams

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German hardcore label Powertrip Records has teamed up with DJ Spice 23 to give you a nice Christmas present in the form of a nice hardcore punk mixtape featuring a bunch of great hardcore bands like BENCHPRESS, HOLLOW TRUTH, DEMONWOMB, WOLF DOWN, and more. Stream it right here and see the full track listing below.

Powertripp Records


01.) PTR 041 World Weary “Neglect“
02.) PTR 024 Gone To Waste “No Escape“
03.) PTR 038 Benchpress “Pressure“
04.) PTR 030 Cold Reality “Changes“
05.) PTR 034 World Weary “God’s Guilt“
06.) PTR 025 Bitter Verses “Guided“
07.) PTR 032 Free Will “Stick With Me“
08.) PTR 031 The Dull Eyes “Skeleton Rose“
09.) PTR 030 Cold Reality “B.O.F.“
10.) PTR 026 Reapers Path “Roads“
11.) PTR 034 Crosscheck “Timekeeper“
12.) PTR 024 Gone To Waste “Civilized/Traumatized“


01.) PTR 039 Mental Refuse “Stranger“
02.) PTR 019 Deal With It “My Body Is A Cage“
03.) PTR 035 Hollow Truth “Resentment“
04.) PTR 027 Abyss A.D. “Dark Seducer“
05.) PTR 023 Wolf Down “Loving Embrace“
06.) PTR 037 Demonwomb “Touch Of Death“
07.) PTR 017 Straight Hate “Tradition Of Killing“
08.) PTR 036 Sike “Moment To Moment“
09.) PTR 024 Gone To Waste “Weapons Of Mass Consumption“
10.) PTR 038 Benchpress “Silver Spoon“
11.) PTR 023 Wolf Down “Stray From The Path“

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