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Gothenburgh sXe hardcore act DISAVOW streaming new tracks; hitting the road tonight!

In conjunction with their German/Belgian/Czech tour with PRESCRIPTIONDEATH, Gothenburg based vegan straight edge warriors DISAVOW (not to be confused with the d-beat hardcore act from Rhode Island) have released 2 new jams, streaming for your listening pleasure below.

DISAVOW features Mattias Rasmusson (ex ANCHOR), who recently sat down with IDIOTEQ to discuss his new project THE LOVELESS CHURCH.



Out of fucking touch
With what surrounds us
Nothing carries weight anymore
So cynical
So exchangeable

No devotion
No patience

Asking yourself
What else is there
No time to see things take shape
To see them grow

No devotion
No patience

When things get rough
No one else will fight your fights
another easy way out

No devotion
No passion


Tired eyes fixed
On a glass half empty
Bitter and lonesome
That’s what I’ve become

It doesn’t make me happy
It doesn’t make me sane
This high has me sinking
Further down

Tried to shut out the discomfort
Tried to fit in
With all the ideas
That never felt like me
Still I make excuses for why

It doesn’t make me happy.
It doesn’t make me sane
This high has me sinking further down

I won’t participate
That’s my resistance

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