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Tim McMahon (MOUTHPIECE) interviewed by PMA Kid

PMA KID had a chance to talk to Tim McMahon (the gy with no eyes above ;)) of MOUTHPIECE and Double Cross Webzine.

PMAKid: You have been in a few bands like Mouthpiece, Hands Tied and Triple Threat. It has been about 20 years since you were playing in Mouthpiece. What are you doing musically today?

Mr. McMahon: Last year the Youth Of Today guys asked if Mouthpiece would be interested in doing a handful of dates with them on the east and west coast. Considering Youth Of Today are easily one of our biggest influences and one of the most important bands in hardcore, we pulled Mouthpiece out of retirement and made it happen. For the first time since we broke up in 1996, we were able to get our guitarist, Matt Wieder, out of Indiana and back on the road with us, as well as other original members, Chris Schuster on guitar, Jason Jammer on drums and long time Mouthpiece roadie, friend and reunion show bassist, Ed McKirdy. In reality, this 2011-2012 line up ended up being the strongest and hardest hitting line up that we’ve ever had. We ended up doing two shows in Pomona California, one show in Oakland California, one show in Washington DC, one show in Philadelphia, one show in New York City and one show in Brooklyn, all with Youth Of Today and all were a lot of fun.

Remarkably in 2012, the chemistry was still there, the friendship was still there, our love of hardcore was still there and we were all still straight edge, so it sort of made for a unique reunion. As these shows were happening, we agreed that we’d make an attempt to do more with Mouthpiece in the future. We’ve talked about doing some European dates, a South American tour, more American dates and to work on writing some new material. We figure if we can fit Mouthpiece into our busy personal lives filled with jobs and families, we could end up doing some positive things.

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