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THE OTHER STARS – “You Looked Better At The Party” video

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THE OTHER STARS dropped a brand new music video for their song You Looked Better At The Party from their debut album We Were Kids, released in April 2016 via Take This To Heart Records. The video was directed by the lovely Lindsey Van Dyke and features actual home video footage of the band as children. Watch the video and let 90’s nostalgia remind you what it was like to be a kid. Also, do yourself a favor and pick up their fantastic new album on 12″/CD/CS/Digital.

Official release for the album:

“I think it’s a pretty important thing for people to feel like they’re at home. Not just where you live, or a sense of stability, but with the people you’re surrounded by too,” says The Other Stars singer/guitarist Connor Bird. Hailing from the small town of Worcester, MA, these sentiments resonate throughout The Other Stars debut release, “We Were Kids,” as Bird deals with a multitude of relationships that shape his life and the record. He goes on to say, “I don’t think it’s necessarily inherent in classic examples like the nuclear family either, like some people expect it to be. It can come in all shapes and sizes. And I think we’ve all had times where we don’t feel at home anymore, which can be pretty lonely.”

Blending modern indie rock with 90’s alternative while layering on top quirky, introspective lyrics – The Other Stars are a breath of fresh air for both new and old ears.

Bird delivers a candor and honesty in his lyrical approach that keeps the listeners engaged. “I don’t want to be your radio, tuning in to any station you might like that fits your selfish needs on winter nights, when you would call me on the phone to validate all of the stupid selfish reasons why your house is not a home.” Self evaluation in both the macro and micro sense bleed through on songs like “Green My Eyes” and “Very Okay” while songs like “Home Is Where You Make It” take on a sense of identity and where you belong in the world right now.


Sometimes I think when I was happy
I had just turned twenty and I met her at a party
I was starting to get all those funny feelings in my chest
and all those feelings in my chest won’t go away

And she said
“Connor, you should watch out because I’m bad news”
I said “I’ve been to hell and back, I think that I can handle you”
I guess that we’re all wrong sometimes

And if I get a cut I’ll bleed for a day
but this pain, it just won’t go away
it might not be a broken heart
but it’s a start

Now Joe got his new car and he’s driving south
Josie’s making stories up with her big mouth
Me, Derek, Matt and Tom are trying to move it all along
and break the audio surface tension with our songs

Dan’s in Milford, Eric’s nowhere to be found
I’m spinning circles, tipping bottles upside down
seems only yesterday we placed our bids on life
seems only yesterday that we were kids, alright

And if I get a cut I’ll bleed for a day
but this pain, it just won’t go away
it might not be a broken heart
but it’s a start

Oh, I am so drunk that it’s funny
but maybe it’s not as funny as we think?
no, it’s ok, cause we’re just joking
just silly kids, we took up smoking

Did I ever tell you just how sick I felt
when you were all fucked up on drugs and screaming in your prison cell?
It isn’t very funny anymore
when we get too fucked up and pass out on the floor
No, it isn’t very funny anymore



“Think the Front Bottoms covering a Gaslight Anthem song while a Hotelier record plays in the background.” Scott Heisel / Substream Magazine
“Well all indie-rock fans can breathe a massive sigh of relief because the saviors are here and their name is The Other Stars.”-

“This album is a snapshot of life, something that is impossible not to relate to, easy to sing along with, and will stick with you for years to come.” – The Prelude Press

“This is a genuinely exciting EP that shows a tremendous amount of talent, poise, and heart. We Were Kids is one of the best debut EP’s I’ve heard in a long time.”-

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