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TOOTH AND CLAW (members of Earth Crisis, Catharsis, Die Young, Ecostrike, Sect, Magnitude) teasing debut track

Our long-standing guest Daniel Austin of DIE YOUNG has launched another new musical venture under the name TOOTH AND CLAW. The new band features a distinguished trio of his friends, Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, Sect, Path of Resistance), James Chang (Undying, Sect, Catharsis), and Cameron Joplin (Magnitude, Ecostrike)! The new power-pack has premiered a teaser for their debut track called “A Plea For Atonement || Lost In A Dream“, slated for an August 5th digital release, and you can hear it above!

“Formed during the shelter-in-place orders of Spring 2020, we’re here to explore new realms of aggression through music.”

TOOTH AND CLAW Reid Haithcock

TOOTH AND CLAW, by Reid Haithcock

Ordained to rise above the filth

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