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CLOSET WITCH premiere new video for “We Met on the Park Boundary Trail”, “Chiaroscuro” album coming up

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Moment of Collapse Records and Zegema Beach Records have teamed up with us to unveil the video premiere of the third single, “We met on the Park Boundary Trail,” from “Chiaroscuro,” the brand new album by Iowa, US-based fierce grindcore / powerviolence act CLOSET WITCH. The album is set to be released on November 3, 2023.

The music scene from Midwest Emo to Midwest Hardcore/Punk dominated the US from the 80s to the 00s. However, one should not mistakenly pigeonhole Closet Witch into this category.

Closet Witch by Brittle Bones Photography
Closet Witch by Brittle Bones Photography

This band from Iowa is renowned for their explosive grindcore-punk sound that resonates with the highest quality. Since their inception in 2014, the quartet has graced the music scene with a demo, several splits, EPs, and one critically acclaimed album.

Their latest offering, “Chiaroscuro,” is an auditory feast, appealing to the grind and powerviolence aficionados. The album pulsates with chaotic, aggressive, and cathartic tones, setting it far from the easy-listening spectrum.

The band’s vocalist, Mollie Piatetsky, is notably exceptional in her delivery.

Her unchained and tireless vocal prowess resonates with a unique blend of intimidating energy and rhythmic allure, seamlessly guiding the album’s flow and adding a distinct touch to each track.

Closet Witch

The album also boasts guest appearances from Dylan Walker (Full Of Hell), Dan Lee (Wanderer), and more, across its twelve songs.

Closet Witch by Christian Barker
Closet Witch by Christian Barker

What stands out about Closet Witch is their impeccable synergy as a band—offering a sound that’s tight yet not overwhelmingly intricate. Unlike some mathcore bands that can become excessively detail-oriented, Closet Witch retains its personal, charismatic, and authentic touch without compromising on the intensity.

Speaking about the new single, Cory, the band’s bassist, shared, “‘Mollie wrote this song about an occurrence at a state park near where we live – we went to the park and I filmed her in several different areas then used that footage as reference to animate the music video using a technique called rotoscoping in which you trace over frames of live action video.'”

Further shedding light on the inspiration behind the song, Mollie explained, “The song was written about an emotional experience I had following a deer trail while embracing seeing the deer, alert, with their babies…encompassed in my own maternal grief but also finding comfort and solace enough to calm down through my surroundings. My thoughts festered to and fro comparing my own grief journey to hunting season and their fear/loss.”

Closet Witch
Closet Witch

Order a copy of the new album via Zegema Beach Records or Moment Of Collapse Records.

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