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TOUCHÉ AMORÉ releases part #2 of “From Peaks of Blue (Making of LAMENT)” mini-documentary

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TOUCHÉ AMORÉ have unveiled another part of their new behind-the-scenes documentary “From Peaks of Blue (Making of Lament)”. Part two uncoves more details about the creative and recording process that shaped their new offering.

They discuss how producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn, Glassjaw) would have Bolm come in before each take and explain the song lyrics and their meaning (read his track-by-track breakdown of the album), which is something he’d never done before. The musicians reveal how “it forced everyone to be vulnerable” and “fueled everybody in their performance and their intention.” It also inspired Steinhardt as the art director of Lament’s visuals. Watch him discuss the artwork for the LP — how it expresses “pessimism versus optimism” and “internal struggle” with its typography, which can be viewed as ascending or descending, depending on how you see it. / Revolver Magazine

Featuring Touché Amoré (Jeremy Bolm, Elliot Babin, Clayton Stevens, Tyler Kirby, and Nick Steinhardt) & Ross Robinson (Producer) Shot and Edited by Sean Stout Original art and animation by Nick Steinhardt Music by Touché Amoré

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