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Touché Amoré’s “Is Survived By”: a decade’s resurgence – new remastered re-release coming up

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The post-hardcore world turned its collective ear towards Touché Amoré in 2013, entranced by the melodic and emotional thread of “Is Survived By“. A release that elevated the Los Angeles-based band beyond the genre’s bounds, it embodied a harmonious interplay of raw emotion and nuanced artistry.

Marking a pivotal decade since its release, the band’s esteemed third studio offering is now reinvigorated with a contemporary twist. Acclaimed producer Brad Wood lends his remixing prowess, while the deft touch of Emily Lazar rejuvenates its sound through a masterful remaster.

Nick Steinhardt breathes fresh life into the visuals with revamped, immersive packaging. Additionally, collectors and aficionados alike will appreciate new vinyl hues and enriched inserts, complete with insightful liner notes and thought-provoking essays.

In a time when the early 2010s were alive with an exuberant energy, with bands pushing their creative bounds, Touché Amoré stood out. The shift in their sound was palpable, tracing back to their poignant split with Pianos Become the Teeth. Their prelude to “Is Survived By“, the track “Gravity, Metaphorically“, signaled a broader sound horizon, only to be transcended by the album itself.

Their collaboration with the venerable producer Brad Wood—known for his magic touch on albums by Sunny Day Real Estate and mewithoutYou—was strategic. They aspired to reach the same elevated musical terrain that “Catch For Us The Foxes” and “Brother, Sister” occupied, seamlessly blending post-hardcore elements with timeless elegance.

The result? An album where even in its most frenetic, pulsating moments, a gossamer-like beauty shone through, reminiscent of post-rock rhythms but with the intensity of an intense, emotional hardcore act.

Lyrically, the band’s frontman, Jeremy Bolm, bared his soul, delving deep into themes of legacy, relationships, and personal evolution. These themes, profound and personal, captured the universal essence of growing up, of forging an identity amidst external and internal tumult. Is Survived By wasn’t just a musical compilation; it was a confessional, a diary laid bare.

Yet, with a decade past its initial release, “Is Survived By” is poised for a renaissance. The upcoming Is Survived By: Revived promises a remixed and remastered experience for its 10-year anniversary. It’s a reminder of the album’s timeless charm and its pivotal role in post-hardcore history.

The band just shared the new stream of the remastered version of the title track and you can hear it right here.

From grappling with his own legacy, to reminiscing over familial ties, to navigating the trials of relationships, Bolm’s lyrical genius resonated with many. Songs like “Just Exist” and “Harbor” became anthems of introspection and acceptance, echoed by the intricate guitar melodies of Clayton Stevens and Nick Steinhardt. The rhythm section, courtesy of Tyler Kirby and Elliot Babin, set a pace that was as exhilarating as it was contemplative.

Is Survived By: Revived, Remixed / Remastered for the 10 Year Anniversary is available for pre-order HERE.

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