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Toulouse melodic hardcore punks FIRE AT WILL premiere new video “Siren Song”!

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‘Life Goes On’ by French melodic hardcore band FIRE AT WILL (KROD Records (EU), Chorus Of One Records (USA), Far Channel Records (JAP)) marked one of the most massively engaging and gig-friendly releases of the genre last year. The band has recently teamed up with director Fabien Margnac and put together a nice music video for the track “Siren Song”, streaming below, along with the full record. Watch and scroll down to see their upcoming Japanese dates – their hitting the land of cherry blossoms in early April!


Conformity, follow the procedures. What was success out there is failure over here.
They’re trying to make you someone you’re not, trying to conform with your point of view.
You’re losing yourself but I’d like to think the best is yet to come
But it’s too late for some of us, who became (who became) a caricature of themselves.
Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it or we will be condemned to go backwards separately.
Please be strong, it’s so easy to give in to the siren song.
They can’t breath without you but you only want the best for you.

Japanese tour dates:


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