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Track by track: “Auster” EP by French chaotic hardcore act SENZU

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None of these passionate songs from the debut EP of Toulouse, France based screamy chaotic hardcore band SENZU hold any revolutionary forms, but they sure capture that intense fervour, heartfelt, technical delivery, and thanks to that,  arrives as one of the most interesting debuts in European “post hardcore hardcore” this year :) We have teamed up with the band to serve this release a proper nod and give you a quick track-by-track rundown with some additional details about each and every song.

Senzu is a project between Jérémie (Bass, vocals), Emilien (Drums) and Quentin (Guitar, Vocals) born in Toulouse (FR) in 2018. Influenced by bands such as Converge, The Chariot, I Pilot Daemon and Birds In Row, the trio distillate an intense chaotic and sincere punk hardcore.

For fans of: The Chariot, The Armed, Refused, Converge, Birds in Row. 

SENZU cover

Credits: Music, lyrics & artworks by Senzu / Recording & mixing by David Castel (Antistatic Studio) / Mastering by Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios)

I Set Myself On Fire : I Set Myself On Fire is the straigth to the point opening of the E.P. Its lyrics talks about the vicious circle of burrying your problems and negative emotions just to put a brave face on. In this track we wanted to talk about all the things there are to win by facing these emotions and accepting that it’s ok not to be ok.

Birds of Sorrow : This song was meant to be a short burst of chaotic melodies and rock n rolly riffs, it is basically talking about any element of your life that tend to drive you away from who you really are and aspire to be. Could it be people’s opinions, expectations or moral pressure we can be subject to we consider it a precious thing to face these threats and stand for what truely matters to you, no matter what it could be.

SENZU band

Altar : Altar pictures the wandering of a desperate and lonely man in a devastated world. While he sinks into madness the only thing left in this world for him are the memories of living things taken away by a cataclism, the dust around him and the guilt of knowing it was the outcome of humanity’s blind exploitation of its own planet. We chose to use blues influences to try to build a desertic atmosphere that oozes loneliness and despair and the result is a track that we think stands appart from the others of the E.P.

Whirl : Whirl is a heavy and uncompromising track that offers sarcastic look at all the mistakes that don’t turn out to become teachings and repeat themselves endlessly. It is an expression of our self personal disappointment as much as a sad look at how the opressing social patterns repeat themselves endlessly and ruin all the initiatives that could help our world escape from the storm it is sinking into.

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