TERROR by Gabe Becerra
TERROR by Gabe Becerra
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“Trapped In A World” – TERROR are back with vinyl variant of brand new 12 song LP recorded live in the studio

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“Trapped in A World” features original guitar player, Todd Jones (Nails, Carry On), and the setlist features a collection of songs that were written during his time in the band. Recorded by Nick Jett at Jet to Mars studio in Los Angeles and mastered by Will Putney this record shows TERROR playing at their hardest and most relentless. We are pleased to announce another WAR Records exclusive limited edition pressing of Trapped In A World This Glow in The Dark edition comes repackaged in a gold foil cover with a Japanese OBI Strip! Only 100 made! Pre-order HERE.

Vocalist Scott Vogel comments: “As the world locked down and terror went on a full pause with the pandemic hitting the USA hard, somehow this created a perfect opportunity with Nick, Todd, and myself to start writing Terror songs twenty years after we started this band. Of course, all the other members are involved in this process, but with travel restrictions and us being so spread-out location-wise, a lot of weekends the three of us were just getting in a room and creating new terror songs and it’s been a pretty insane experience. Todd is a deep-thinking maniac that can write hardcore songs like no one I have seen before, and the three of us fell right back into our early mindset and the energy and aggression felt just like it did on day one.”

Todd adds: “Got together with the Terror crew (in a creative sense), for the first time since recording One With The Underdogs. The ideas, guitars, lyrics/vocals, songs came pouring out. Locked in with Nick and Scott as if it hasn’t been sixteen years since we played together. There’s no shortage of songwriters in Terror and the stuff we’ve collectively come up with so far… I can’t stop listening to these tracks. Magic via musical chemistry. It’s our aim to deliver to you a visceral and explosive hardcore record and I really hope you enjoy it.”



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