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TROPHY EYES explore the themes of pain, grief, and the process of letting go of relationships with new single “What Hurts The Most”

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Trophy Eyes have unveiled more details about their latest studio album “Suicide and Sunshine” and a new track “What Hurts The Most”, a poignant reflection on pain, loss, and the difficulty of letting go of relationships that no longer serve a purpose in one’s life. As always, the lyrics draw on lead singer John Floreani’s personal experiences, offering a glimpse into his vulnerable side.

The accompanying video further enhances the track’s haunting quality, and fans can view it above.

Trophy Eyes by Matthew Krueger
Trophy Eyes by Matthew Krueger

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the new single, Floreani shares a personal anecdote about his friend with whom he moved to Newcastle, Australia in pursuit of happiness. As time passed, their paths diverged, with Floreani devoting himself to Trophy Eyes, while his friend pursued a conventional life.

Despite his attempts to offer motivational support, their friendship soured, and they eventually lost touch.

Trophy Eyes are at the forefront of a new wave of rock music, combining their punk and hardcore roots with contemporary rock and pop influences. The band’s brutal honesty and emotional lyricism, combined with their high-energy live shows, have helped them to build a global following and sell-out shows across the world. With “Suicide and Sunshine” and “What Hurts The Most,” Trophy Eyes are poised to make their mark once again.

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