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“True Love”: hardcore/metal heavy hitters BORN FROM PAIN discuss new album

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Over two decades since their inception and almost five years since their latest album “Dance With The Devil”, Dutch metal/hardcore heavyweights BORN FROM PAIN are back with their new full length “True Love” on Beatdown Hardwear label. Their 8th album offers up little in the way of surprises for those already versed in the band’s heavy sonic assaults, and if you’re not, you really should be, as these guys combine the best of hevy hardcore with various metal influences to create a powerful amalgam of their composite parts. We caught up with vocalist Rob Franssen to talk about the new record, themes behind its lyrics, guest appearances, tour dates, and more.

Catch BORN FROM PAIN live at the upcoming Rebellion Tour alongside Madball, Iron Reagan, Death Before Dishonor, Slope, Brick By Brick, and Ironed Out. Scroll down to see the dates.

Hey hey guys! Thanks so much for joining us on IDIOTEQ! How are you? It’s been the longest break between your full length albums so far. Did you miss that feeling?

R: Yeah it has been a minute! It’s great to release something new, especially when you are this happy with the outcome. I really feel we put a lot of ourselves in this and it’s great to get the feedback we did. I am very stoked to be playing the songs live on our coming tour.

What were some of the foundational influences on “True Love”?

R: Our inluences are basically our lives the way we live them and encounter things. Life experiences. It shows in the music but especially in the lyrics ofcourse. Musically we just kept progressing in what we love to do; heavy, groovy stuff with a metal edge and a some melody. I am very happy with it.

When you look at your previous recordings and recall some of your live shows, it seems like you’ve always been on a mission. How do you keep dedicated to your work after all these years and how do you fuel your mind to keep producing more engaged lyrics with powerful message?

R: I just love to play live and create new songs. Now as much as I did back then. I think it is not different for any of the other guys. If we did not like what we were doing we would definately stop doing the band. Writing the lyrics has been very easy this time around. Like I said before, I just get influenced by what happens in my life and how I look at the world. It is not easy to put feelings into words sometimes but if you feel strongly enough about certain things it just flows. The world has enough craziness to write lyrics for a lifetime.

Many acts of violence have occurred in the name of ‘love’. How do you think the concept of love can be reclaimed in light of current political events, filled with patriarchy, misogyny, and ignorance of environmental issues?

R: I think love is a very pure feeling. I don’t think it’s a concept. That would mean it is something that would be constructed or thought up. Violence in the name of love is not love to me. I’m sure people will try to sell it like that but you cannot say that something is white when it is clearly black either. Especially in the light of surpressing other people the world love is not something that comes to mind. So basically I don’t think love needs to be reclaimed, I think people need to check their heads before they connect or even bring something like love into play with surpressing ideologies and behaviour. Don’t hate the game, hate the players haha.

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BORN FROM PAIN by kuckuck_artworks
BORN FROM PAIN by kuckuck_artworks

How do you feel these new tracks speak to the European context in which you live?

R: I think very much. Some of the lyrics are very close to home geographically but also emotionally. I wrote a bunch of the lyrics with places, memories, people and feelings in mind that relate to my place of birth and all that came/comes with it, like Live Forever, Suffocate, Antitown, True Love, Rebirth. Thean there are also songs that apply to wherever you are, like End of the Line or Bombs Away. In some places power and corruption are very dominant in others they are more subtile, but we feel effect everywhere.

Tell us about the guest appearances of Freddy from MADBALL and Chris from TRC. What did they bring into the mix that you normally wouldn’t have?

R: Chris brings a vocalstyle to the table that I definately don’t . With his flowy, rap-like vocals he filled in his parts on New Beginnings extremely well. I had been listening to TRC for a long time and always liked what he did. When I first heard New Beginnings and I had an idea for vocals in mind, I immediately thought of him. Fits perfect I think.

We definately wanted Freddy to do the D-beatish Bombs Away. I think it’s a style of song that Freddy usually doesn’t do, but would fit him really well with the vocals we had in mind. I think with his voice he makes it sound even more agressive and rough around the edges. Really pleased with that!

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BORN FROM PAIN by KBphotographie
BORN FROM PAIN by KBphotographie

Ok, so what’s next? What shows do you have planned and what else can we expect from BORN FROM PAIN in 2019?

R: We go on Rebllion Tour with Madball , Iron Reagan, Death Before Dishonor and more in March. Than weekend shows , festivals in summer and a tour in September! Keep your eyes open and come say hi!

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How about your other projects? Are there any side acts or other undertakings you’d like to advertise here?

R: Check out I do a clothingline there.

Thanks so much. Is there anything else you’d like to comment on? Feel free to drop your final words and take care!

R: Thanks a bunch for the interview! Pick up or stream TRUE LOVE! Let us know what you think!

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