TURBO KRAKS go mostly instrumental with their own take on hardcore and punk rock

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There are plenty of reasons why instrumental hardcore punk and punk rock has never become a thing. Technically, not too complicated power chords taking centre stage without any major diversions wouldn’t have enough to keep it interesting, but thankfully there are some good examples of how to make it interesting. By minimizing the vocals and adding a little twist to guitar section, Spanish act TURBO KRAKS became one of them. Their new EP “Ahora Bien” reflects foundations punk while modifying the edge to its spine and never dulling in the process. We caught up to talk about this relatively new release on CGTH Records, the idea behind going instrumental and their local scene.

Turbo Kraks arises from the union of 3 members of hardcore and metal bands from Ferrol with the idea of looking for an aggressive and crazy sound in the post-hardcore style with influences from bands like Gallows, Fall of Troy, Dance Gavin Dance … but always (or almost always) instrumental. Currently we continue playing in other bands (Kharma, Robot Humano …) and participating in different projects.

The original idea of the band was with a voice, but while we were looking for a frontman, we realized that only with us and without a singer we were getting interesting things, so we decided to continue along that path. Less trouble for the rehearsals hehehehe

The songs of this EP were composed little by little while we continued giving concerts, with a wave perhaps a little more modern and varied. As for the recording, we did it with José Bonahm of Estudios Bonham in A Coruña, who managed to give us that crude and aggressive sound we were looking for.


Right now, we are beginning to compose new material, we have been playing a lot for a long time and we decided to stop for a while to give ourselves time to do the new songs. We are also looking for concerts to continue presenting “Ahora bien” but in a more relaxed way, we have a concert with Ella La Rabia in Ferrol on February 7 and we play at Resurrection Fest 2020, we have few live shows set for now but we are super happy.

Local punk scene & recommended bands:

We used to go to our local live bar called Sala Ruido in Ferrol, in Liceo Mutante in Pontevedra, CSA do Sar in Santiago. And any time a good band comes to play in Coruña.

Other bands worth a check: We are going to put a couple of bands each of those that are freaking us out lately.

Manu: Alpha Male Tea Party, Mentah, Tano!

Joako: Playa Desmayo, Asscrack

Rober: Kharma, Salvaje, Hourglass, Dagla

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