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Turkish screamo / blackgaze act PEMBE reveal full stream of great debut “Yalnız Hissedersen”

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Tased earlier this past Summer though our two features HERE, Istanbul based emotional screamo act PEMBE has shared their debut “If You Feel Alone” on Mevzu Records (TR), Khya Records (RS) and Beach Buddies Records (RO).

“We have been trying to hug all our feelings from the past, bad and good, while we have been writing it and we are playing it.” – comments the band. “We describe the origin of our music with Screamo/Punk influence as “the great traumas we have all shared & experienced, but could not hide, the depression we have to let out somehow and the conflicting & contradicting mixture of the optimism to which we are all trying to hold on stubbornly.”

In a musical sense, pembe’s music consists of fast, aggressive and emotional moments, and it blends different genres together with bipolar ups and downs.

FFO: Sport, Envy, Respire, Kidcrash, Birds In Row, life, Slowdive


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