TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO discuss Torino punk heritage

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TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO‘s (ALL SHADES OF DARKNESS) self-titled demo EP was one of the most ear-splitting blackened hardcore / powerviolence records of 2014. Released digitally back in 2013, this excellent effort was re-issued  on 7” via Escape From Today and Bare Teeth Records, and on tape via Bookhouse Records one year later. This band delivers rapid-fire riffs and grim atmosphere that chills you to the bone. “Tutti I Colori Del Buio” serves as a perfect showcase of one of the most interesting raw hardcore punk bands to look out for this year. I sat down with them to drop you a more insightful introduction to the band, their hometown, and their future plans.

Launch the player below and make sure there’s no one in a few meters radius of you, because you will become a dangerous animal right after the click. TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO have recently announced their upcoming performance at this year’s DIY Fest in Rimini, Italy, to take place on April 11th. Live photo by Clørinda Bunny Pascale. TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO

Hello there! Thanks so much for your time guys! How are you? How are you finding Torino this time of the year?

Hi Karol, thank you, we really appreciate to share this time with you; I think that “fine enough” fits!

The Italian motor-city is experiencing one of its warmest winters ever, which makes her shine a bit less then usual; his majesty looks better with a snowy weather and a grey sky.

These times however are far from being the best, speaking about the punk/hardcore scene; during the 80s and early 90s Torino had one of the most populated and active scenes in Italy, while nowadays things aren’t going so well.

You bet! How has this city influenced you to create this incredible, very well-received psycho-hardcore demo last year?

Torino is the Italian motorcity, Fiat and Lancia are from here – their factories used to feed more than the half of the city inhabitants and the whole city used to live following the factory timetable. As reaction to it at the beginning of the 80s in the city grew up a rich punk scene with some of the finest early punk/hardcore bands in Italy (such as NEGAZIONE, ROUGH, BLUE VOMIT or NERORGASMO).

Plus, Torino is also one of the most dark and esoteric cities in the whole world, many legends about black magic, white magic, ghost haunted places and even the Holy Grail lead here, so you can understand why Dario Argento chose Torino to shot Profondo Rosso.

You know, there is something extra in this city when talking about dark matters, this place has a really dark aura.

Where does your band fit into the local scene? Are there many extreme hardcore / powerviolence acts there?

Not really, the only cool grind/powerviolence band still in activity in Torino’s greater area (except for CRIPPLE BASTARDS, which are not to be considered local at all) is actually coming from a small town about 50km from here, and it’s called APE UNIT. They’re cool guys and great musicians (a couple of them also play in the brutal death act SEPTYCAL GORGE), they even played Obscene Extreme Festival 2013.

We have to say that in Italy nowadays there are many cool extreme hardcore acts, such as STORM[O], BOLOGNA VIOLENTA, COUNCIL OF RATS, CLASS, END OF A SEASON, HOLY… all bands not coming from the same city, but we feel like we’re part of a greater family.

Great bands, indeed.

Ok Alessio, your demo was co-released by Escape From Today, Bare Teeth Records, and Bookhouse Records. Can you introduce these labels a bit more?

Escape From Today is basically a couple of longtime friends of us who run a small label from our hometown. They are not just focused on hardcore punk, they release records of bands they like. In their catalog you can find jazzcore, doom, psychedelic rock, post hardcore etc…it’s very eclectic. They released records by a lot of good bands, you should check out SI NON SEDES IS, TONS and RUGGINE. They also organize a summer festival called DIO Fest, it’s3 days of live music and dj sets, three dozens of bands and a huge quantity of beer.

Bare Teeth is Dano’s (guitar in TICDB) own small label, which he uses to release his music (he’s also playing in Last Minute To Jaffna). It’s quite a newborn project. Bookhouse is a different story; we don’t know Adam personally but he just wrote an email to us, he was like “I love your record guys, I’d like to print it on tape; sounds cool to you?” and that’s it! He mostly re-prints hc/screamo records from all over the world.

What other Italian label are worth checking out this year?

There are many small and interesting labels: let’s say Sangue Dischi, Shove Records, Boring Machines, Dischi Bervisti, Sound Of Cobra, No=Fi, Supernatural Cat and Argonauta. You should check them!

Ok guys, back to your demo, do you already have some plans for a follow up record?

We have some new songs we already play live and we’re working on some more. Once we’ll get about half an hour of new stuff we’ll enter the studio, but you know, we’re slow. We have regular jobs, some other bands, we play often live, so we don’t really have that much time to reharse and write alltogether; anyway somewhere in 2015 we’ll record our first album.

One of the greatest inspirations for your lyrics are Italian horror movies from the 70s. At what point did you realize that these crazy stories were going to expand into a main theme of the band?

To be honest old italian horror movies inspired much more our imaginery and artworks than our lyrics.

Lyrics are not related to that world, they’re very connected to the everyday life with quotes to literature, music, movies etc… I usually take inspiration from what I listen, what I read and what I see.

The term “horror lyrics” reminds me of bands like MISFITS, SAMHAIN and so on; my style is more similar to bands like CIRCLE JERKS or BLACK FLAG or screamo bands like ORCHID or PG99 mixed with CHARLES BRONSON irony. But my very favorite lyrics are the ones from THE DESCENDENTS, as you can see I’m not that horror!

Indeed there’s a dark mood in the lyrics, but nothing more than that, or at least not for this moment.

Ha! I see. What is TUTTI I COLOR DEL BUIO’s lyrical content inspired by then?

My lyrics have always a different topic, but my purpose during the writing process is to say something universal using lots of irony and I like to do it using some quotes.

I wrote a song about quitting drinking, I was sick at that time and I spoke about this “separation” from beer like it was the end of a love story, using some words from a THE CLASH song.

Another one is about how complicated is to live in a community of people, to stay together and spend your time with some stupid assholes; I’ve found a way to express that quoting Jean Paul Sartre and GG Allin.

Every time I write I try to do something serious in an hilarious way; the message must be strong and easy to understand but related to literature or art or anything that can motivate people to think about something and push them to open a certain book, or to listen to a certain record.


2014 marked another busy year in independent art and music. What recent literature and music records discovered last year would you recommend? What artists and authors should we look out for?

I’m pretty sure that every year has something to say in terms of music, art, literature and so on but in the last one I was more focused on researching what I’ve missed in the last years.

My favorite artist in the independent music scene for the 2014? it’s a band called LUNGFISH with several albums on Dischord Records since early 90’s so definitely not something new.

Recently I’ve started to dig in funk and soul music, I was very very ignorant about the black music I just listen some old school hip-hop so I’m trying to fill that gap!

Obviously this is just my personal situation, probably every person in this band is in a different point and has a different taste for music or other “arts”.

There’s a huge quantity of good music I’ve missed, a high pile of books that I would like to read so it’s very hard to move with the times.

Tell me about it :)

What upcoming live shows do you have lined up for this year?

Due to some commitments of our other bands and the necessity to write new songs at this moment we got just very few shows scheduled.

We spent the last 10 months playing as much as possible. We want to start the recording session for a new album so we need to take a break. We really would like to make a short tour with our buddies TONS but it’s just an idea.

Ok guys, thanks a lot for your time. It’s been a pleasure talking to you. Is there anything you’d like to add before we sign off?

Thank you Karol, it’s been a pleasure for us too to share thoughts and time with you. If someone is still interested in our music even after our answers, this might mean we don’t suck that much!

Thanks! Cheers from Warsaw!

As Neil Young would say, Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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