Viva Belgrado by Ana Suanes
Viva Belgrado by Ana Suanes
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“Un Tragaluz”: VIVA BELGRADO’s eclectic new singles expand their sonic horizons

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Viva Belgrado, the Spanish post-hardcore outfit known for their intense energy, continues to redefine their sound with the release of “Un Tragaluz,” the latest single from their upcoming album. This track is a testament to the band’s evolving creativity and refusal to be boxed into a single genre.

Un Tragaluz,” meaning “A Skylight” in English, showcases a dynamic, alternative rock vibe, a departure from Viva Belgrado’s earlier, heavier post-rock and screamo roots. The song features a nostalgic vocal style, layered over a captivating melodic line that confirms the band’s impressive compositional skills. It’s a refreshing blend that adds a new dimension to their already diverse sound palette.

Recalling their journey, Viva Belgrado started with a potent mix of post-rock, post-hardcore, and screamo elements. Their earlier compositions were intense and visceral, marked by a raw, powerful sound.

Witnessing their evolution has been a remarkable experience, especially in terms of the multi-dimensional nature of their music.

These four singles, including “Un Tragaluz,” each present a slightly different approach, style, vibe, and atmosphere. It’s fascinating how they’ve managed to evoke a broad spectrum of emotions within the confines of a four-single release.

As they gear up for the full release of “Cancionero de los Cielos,” expected to be one of the more intriguing European alternative rock offerings currently, Viva Belgrado is proving to be a band with few boundaries. Each track, metaphorically or literally connected to the sky or heavens, promises a rich thematic experience.

The band recently announced the launch of the pre-order for their upcoming album “Cancionero de los Cielos,” available in both vinyl and CD formats.

Viva Belgrado

Alongside the album, fans can also get their hands on new merchandise, including tees and a hoodie. The band is offering a special first pressing of the album in clear transparent vinyl, exclusively for pre-order customers and limited to just 500 copies. Both the vinyl and CD editions come with a unique insert or booklet, featuring photographs from the recording sessions and the creation of the album’s artwork, crafted and photographed by Additionally, each edition includes a glossary with English translations, notes, and references, providing deeper insight into the album’s lyrics.

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