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VIVA BELGRADO embarks on a new sonic odyssey with “Elena Observando la Osa Mayor”

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Spanish post-hardcore virtuosos Viva Belgrado, known for channeling torrents of energy, is embracing a more serene approach in their latest single. “Elena Observando la Osa Mayor” – translated as Elena Observing the Big Dipper – showcases a metamorphosis in the band’s sound, as they dive into ethereal, calm waves, breaking away from their characteristic intensity.

Marking a new musical direction, the track is devoid of guitars and features a Fender Rhodes keyboard progression. As the band shares, “None of us really know how to play the keyboard, but it’s essential for us to remain excited as we compose new tunes. Introducing new instruments has rejuvenated our creative process.”

The accompanying video, captured in celluloid, complements the track’s soothing aesthetics. Directed by the talented Marino Pardo, the clip visually encapsulates the song’s evocative essence.

Viva Belgrado by Ana Suanes
Viva Belgrado by Ana Suanes

Venturing into new sonic territories, Viva Belgrado collaborated with producers Santi Garcia and Raúl Perez at Ultramarinos Costa Brava mixing studio. This dynamic team enriched the single, with both producers bringing their unique touch to the recording.

Elaborating on their journey, the band comments, “For this record, we introduced two changes in our recording process: collaborating with two producers simultaneously and increasing our studio days for both recording and mixing. This allowed us to experiment substantially, benefiting from ample time and additional creative insights.”

As they gear up for their forthcoming album, “Cancionero de los Cielos” – aptly translated as “Songbook of the Skies” – Viva Belgrado explains the thematic richness of their project. “Each track is metaphorically or literally connected to the sky or heaven. ‘Elena Observando la Osa Mayor’ vividly paints a person observing its partner scanning the night sky, and the train of thought triggered by it.”

Viva Belgrado by Pablo Alzaga
Viva Belgrado by Pablo Alzaga

However, some songs explore complex connections to the overarching theme. Drawing from literary and cinematic references, like Chekhov’s seagull or 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Jupiter, the band embarks on a journey exploring creativity, spirituality, and personal introspection.

Portada Cancionero de los Cielos
Portada Cancionero de los Cielos
  1. Vernissage
  2. Chéjov y las Gaviotas
  3. Nana de la Luna Pena
  4. Ranchera de la Mina
  5. El Cristo de los Faroles
  6. Gemini
  7. Elena Observando la Osa Mayor
  8. Un Tragaluz II
  9. Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite
  10. Saturno Devorando a Su Hijo
  11. Perfect Blue
  12. Un Tragaluz

Until the album’s much-anticipated release on January 19th, fans can expect more singles that delve into the expansive universe Viva Belgrado has created – a universe where the sky isn’t just the limit, but a realm of endless exploration.

Catch the band live at the following stops:

30.09. Oviedo, @lasalvaje.oviedo
06.10. Sevilla,
07.10. Ondarroa, Festival Marabilli
11.10. Lugo, Fiestas de San Froilán
20.10. Padul, @alalmamusicfestival
11.11. Barcelona, Aniversario Aloud

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