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UNDER HIS EYE’s “Setting Sun” showcases a powerful and emotional blend of screamo and cello infused post rock!

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Setting Sun,” the debut single from UNDER HIS EYE‘s upcoming album, “Vision of Flames,” showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly blend a range of moods and influences. With a clear inspiration from late 90s to early 2000s screamo, the track features raw and emotional vocals that convey a sense of urgency and intensity. However, the uncommon use of a variety of instruments in his craft, such as piano, cellos, horns, banjos, and accordions adds a layer of complexity to the music, elevating it beyond typical screamo fare. The new track uncovers some of this ingenuity

The 41 minute “Vision of Flames” is a collection of tracks written and recorded by Seth Scantlen over the course of the pandemic, and will be available May 5. A Lathe 12″ will be available February 24 via Old Press Records.


Setting Sun is about the anger and frustration of those in power (politicians), who write laws and voting based on their own moral stance they claim to have, instead of allowing people to make their own decisions, based on their own values.” – comments Seth.

“Their grandstanding of “believing” that they know what’s best for the people, even when they have never been in their situation or shoes.”

setting sun

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