Untold Want / Ostraca / Vril / Coma Regalia split record
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The newest 4-way split from UNTOLD WANT / OSTRACA / VRIL / COMA REGALIA compresses different shades of screamo / hardcore into a concentrated, unignorable essence of pain and empathy

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Middle-Man Records, I.Corrupt.Records and Zegema Beach Records have unleashed full stream and pre-orders for the newest 4-way split from UNTOLD WANT, OSTRACA, VRIL and COMA REGALIA! These four bands of friends are probably America’s most promising in the underground scene these days. On this four way 10″ split they bring you variations on the theme of empathy in the modern world. Personally, we take it as a response to our unsettled times, and an attempt to challenge the world rather than abandon it. The bands and labels involved are masters at marrying melody with challenging sounds, and this new split is a perfect example of how strong DIY screamy hardcore is these days. Listen below and see for yourself!

UNTOLDWANT (formerly Iwakura) drop four poisonous tracks of screamy hardcore. OSTRACA continue their paths from their current album “Last” and offer up two beautifully constructed screamo opus’. VRIL commit three blistering and volatile hardcore songs with highly refreshing and emotional female vocals, while COMAREGALIA bring their A game with three more chaotic, screamo gems.

In other, rather sad news, COMA REGALIA has just announced that their guitarist Brad Carlson (also of kaki.o.badi) is no longer a part of the band. Here’s why:

It has been brought to my attention that in 2014 Brad sent unsolicited photos of an extremely sexual nature to someone who had only just turned 18 at the time. He began sending graphically sexual messages and became obsessive with this person via Facebook messenger to an extent that seriously affected this person’s mental well being and feelings of safety. Tonight is the first time I have heard any of this. I do not condone, tolerate or excuse this behavior in any way. It is for this reason that Brad will no longer be involved with Coma Regalia in any capacity.

The split comes out digitally on November 9th, 2017 and January 2018 (physical).


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