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Introducing: new Swedish emotive screamo act TO LANGUISH (members of VIVRE SA VIE)

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Emotional hardcore, emoviolence and all kinds of screamo-alike styles and subgenres possess one of those rare powers that both punches you in the gut and tears at your heartstrings. IDIOTEQ as had the honour of working closely with hundreds of worthy artists from all over the world for a number of years. Particularly, the Swedish leg of this niche is very unique and recognized all around the world and it is great to see that one of the most prolific cities has released yet another notable band that continually tries to convey the idea of “more than music”. TO LANGUISH derives from a previous project from Jóann and Tobias VIVRE SA VIE (read our interview HERE) and they have recently dropped their debut single called “Occasional Ally”, an amotional, equal parts soulful and soul-crushing offering, with the young singer-songwriter radiating a full spectrum of emotions-pain, sadness, longing-all impeccably delivered through a smooth, almost effortless falsetto.

TO LANGUISH are looking for labels that would be interested in helping them release their upcoming 12″ physically, preferably on vinyl. Their goal is to have the recordings done shortly before the tour in May (1-12.05, culminating with the Miss the Stars Fest on the 11/12th of May). If you would like to book a date for us please get in touch at [email protected] contact the band via tolanguish [at] gmail [dot] com.

Jóann, Jack and Tobias sat down with us to give you some insights on the band, their message and plans for the future. Here’s whatthey had to say about the debut single:

The title of the song reflects it’s lyrical content. It’s about Allies (cis-people that support the LGBTQIA+ Community) who publicly brag about their commitment, but in closed groups are no better than your usual homo/transphobic guy etc. The kind of cis-guys claiming to be feminists to get some sort of credibility/approval from people fighting for feminism, but who eventually turn out to be abusers. The artwork is supposed to portrait a transgender woman overwhelmed by dysphoria.


Drowning in a sea of impressions
Every breathe makes me choke

I know that glance in your eyes
You condemn me for all that i am

After Peace
Comes the Turmoil

I’m alive and breathing
Just like you
Please walk with me
Or stand aside

Asked about the state of their local scene and the idea of this new project, the band offered the following:

I really like what is happening to the scene here in Sweden, emo is coming back in style and i love it. More and more new emo bands are showing up in the hardcore scene..

Ou new project derives from me (Jóann) and Tobias previous band Vivre sa vie, after our breakup I still wanted to play screamo music and eventually when I had some songs done I asked Tobias if he wanted to help me record one of them. My friend Jack asked if he could help track the bass for the recording session shortly after that and the three of us really hit off musically and socially, so here we are rehearsing new material for another release.

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