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“Values” – emotive rockers SYMMETRY comment on their new EP

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1,5 year since the release of their latest EP “Cope” and our insightful feature HERE, Austrian nostalgic alt emo rockers SYMMETRY are back with their new release called “Values”, a quality follow up that proves that there is something bewitching about their specific brand of sonic sadness. It’s kind of weird, cause not trying to reinvent the wheel and deliver anything radically different, SYMMETRY are also not trying to sound like anyone else. They once again prove to have some really great ideas that make their new record such a good listen. There are moments on their new record that soar to anthemic levels of beauty. We caught up with them to reveal the stories behind each off the 4 new songs and here’s what we’ve got.

The band’s new music video for the song “Promises” was directed by Markus Zimmermann and produced by Level 26. Scroll down to watch and grab their new EP via Bandcamp, SpotifyiTunes, Amazon, or googlePlay.

VALUES promo

On The Run:

15. October 2017 we were on our way home from a gig in Graz, when I received a phonecall from my mother. She told me that my brother was involved in a car accident, resulting in five days of hospitalization.

In the course of these days I wrote the lyrics for “On The Run”, with the image of what could have been weighing on my mind.


I spent the last months on the run
Wasn’t able to let go
Words dressed in the finest clothes I own
Cover up the scars on my skin

When you watch you best friend die
Emptiness swallows you whole
I daydream, let loose
Try to understand why I’m still

Here with this vaccant space in my chest
And those holes in my head
That try to reason I should
Disappear as you did

What is it that won’t let me shut my eyes?
I just lay, I just write, I tell myself to keep sight
Is it “Left & Leaving” on a long drive home, I can’t get by
Or is it you? Blood red and pale white

I can’t sleep, I can’t dream, for as long, I can’t remember
but I think I finally know what they mean when they talk about grief
I can’t sleep, I can’t dream, …


A song about losing the person you were promised to be with for the rest of your life.
I portrayed the circumstances with the theme of being lost at sea and not knowing how to escape this kind of situation.

Lines like “If you want to see me drown, just ask me to stay” or “Should I sink or should I swim? I guess I’ll search for answers at the bottom of the sea” picture the inner demons you have to fight to get by.


Crushing waves
Pull me underneath
I guess this time
I am on my own

Stormy sea
let me sink to rest
I guess this time
There’s no running away

You couldn’t stand to be alone
So you tore us apart
There’s nothing left
When you give yourself away
To someone else
So if you want to see me drown
Just ask me to stay

I gave you trust
You told me lies
I gave you hope
Once saw it in your eyes
(Once saw it in you)
Once saw it in your eyes
(Once saw it in you)

You abandoned the ship we build
With our hands in our time
And I’ out of earshot
Left alone to drown
Should I sink or should I swim?
I guess I search for answers
At the bottom of the sea

I felt relief as I sank into deep
This ring around my finger adds the missing weight
All this years to be buried at sea
All this years you threw them away

I gave you trust
You told me lies
I gave you hope
Once saw it in your eyes
(Once saw it in you)
Once saw it in your eyes
(Once saw it in you)


My friend, which favorite movie was Blow, passed away eight years ago. This song is about him, making my own life more meaningful.

He teached me that it’s not for granted to grow old with the person you love, raise kids, … but nonetheless live your life to the fullest.

The line “Like the setting sun you slipped away but you still shine” circumscribes how he lives on in our hearts.


Honestly I’m a mess
Slowly but sill
I’ll wither
I’ll decay

A thousand times
I told myself “I’m alright!”
Felt so comfortable
Bedded in a lie

Tear me open
Rip apart my skin

Don’t know where to start
Just know where it ends

“May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face
and my the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.”
This words are a constant reminder
that nothing in life is for granted.
Time gives and time takes, time took you away
but you taught me, how to cope with fate.
Thank you for that!
So, after all I’ll stand my ground and try not to fall
Even if it’s fucking hard sometimes.“

Like the setting sun
You slipped away but you still shine
I’ll never be alone again
You are the stars
You are the light
I’ll just wait in place and watch you rise again

Finish Line:

“For another moment, just one more breathe”, would it make a difference if we got that one more chance? Would you stay?

Suicide is ever-present in our society and this song deals with this kind of theme.


I spent a long time feeling this way
It’s like I don’t even try at all
I spent a long time running away
from the things I can’t change

but there’s nothing that will bring you back
For another moment, just one more breath
I can see you when I close my eyes
but I am still afraid to ask

Why have you left us here on our own
You owe me an answer, why you crossed the line first
What was the reason you abandoned our dreams of
hope, home, children, to be a family?

For another moment, just one more breath
(I can’t find)

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