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VENGEANCE TODAY – “Rest In Piss” EP premiere

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Interviewed by IDIOTEQ last week, German hardcore act VENGEANCE TODAY are back with a full stream of their newest effort! Released by Anchored RecordsBeyond Hope Records, SubZine Records and 5 Feet Under Records, “Rest In Piss” EP expands their anti-racist, anti-sexist, and drug free approach with a style. The band is gearing up for their upcoming South Asian, so please let them spread their wings and support this new release – take it and share it!

The band commented:

This is what comes after the 2013 LP. I guess we changed a little bit. You can listen to it than come to a show a get crazy and wild.
Stream it on Idioteq right now and pre-order your copy through Epidemic Records, Anchored Records, Beyond Hope Records, 5 Feet Under Records or SubZine Records. So later you can brag at your friends that you’ve got it on vinyl!



You fucking know the truth
But all you prefer are lies!
These words are my weapons,
Something that never fucking dies.


On a grey April afternoon
Standing on the ocean shore,
Permanent feeling of the distance,
Watching the waves moving slow.

Just like the things we lived for
They always get lost in the flow.

Nobody said it would end up like this

So take a look at what’s still there
You’ll see it’s not that fucking much
But I promise to give my everything
To keep all those things in my heart


Life spent in worries for tomorrow
Became everything you know
You never noticed the rotten smell
And how the hands closed around your neck

Luxury cars, red wine
Make up for the wasted time
Expensive food tastes best
Can’t wait to see the next news broadcast

Watch the stocks rise and fall
You fucking know you lost control

Keep praying to the empty skies
Drop the money in the can, God won’t deny
And I know how you’re gonna end
Demented old man shitting his pants


“How it’s going?”
“How you’re doing?”
“What’s happening?”
“What’s going on?”

Come on and push it to my face
Don’t resist this urgent impulse
Just force your everything on me
Take all the attention that you need

Show me how special you are
Show me what I don’t wanna know

Who would have thought
You are that unique?
Until you linked this average video
Or quoted the lyrics from a boring song.

I fucking love this real time thing
And I appreciate your digital friendship
The finest art of profiling
And making everyone drown in your shit

Excuse (feat. Toni of METHOD OF PROOF)

You emptied your next drink
Just tell me, how does it feel
As your brain intoxicates?
Did you find the fucking strength?

Did you find the fucking strength?

Hiding behind a clouded mind
You waste yourself away
Just found a new excuse
For things you normally don’t dare

Fake feeling of the freedom, the power that it brings…
Now let me tell you this – it hasn’t solved a fucking thing

Instead of rising above the herd
You love to press yourself to dirt


WED – Mar 04 THAILAND, Bangkok – Immortal Bar
FRI – Mar 06 SINGAPORE – Pink Noize
SAT – Mar 07 MALAYSIA, Melacca – UTC 8th Floor
SUN – Mar 08 MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur – Channel A Studio

TUE Mar 10 PHILIPPINES, Quezon City – District 2140
WED Mar 11 PHILIPPINES, Pagbilao – Expose Bar
FRI Mar 13 INDONESIA, Sidoarjo – tba
SAT Mar 14 INDONESIA, Malang – tba
SUN Mar 15 INDONESIA, Jakarta – Rossi Music


Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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