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Venice hardcore band DEAREST ENEMY release new track!

Featured on IDIOTEQ last April, Venice modern hardcore band DEAREST ENEMY is back with a new tune! Check out “Nailbiter” and catch them live at Final Mosh Fest in Padova on December 28th. Joining them on stage will be GLANCES from Bologna, NOT YET FALLEN from Padova and ZEIT from Venezia.

I can see through the haze
the same words, the same old shit
how did it come to this?
fucking wake me up.

Love songs in a brothel
sweet words that don’t mean a thing
nightmares and cigarettes
this is fucking everyday

I stay up all night
with the same fucking question
“will this pain in my chest ever come to an end?”

I just wanna give up
I’ve been nailed to my end
A mindfuck I can’t escape
It’s draining my soul

It’s draining me all

There is no tomorrow
or maybe there never was
we’re all going to hell
sing along, here’s to giving up

This is a song for the outcast
this is my worst goodbye
fucking wishful thinking
always the same

I hope I won’t remember
you wouldn’t stop pretending
this is my broken record
screaming fuck you

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