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VERA GRACE – “Catharsis” video

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Oxfordshire based quintet, VERA GRACE delivered their new EP “Novella”. The new 6 track EP follows a story, winding it’s way through the scenes. Losing faith, henious crimes and murder – all told by vocalist Stephen Nulty throughout the 20 minutes of “Novella”. Grab it here and see the new video below.

The word “Novella” means, ‘a written, fictional, prose narrative normally longer than a short story but shorter than a novel’.
“Novella” is a concept, set as a play. Each track representing a scene. The play revolves around two separate stories that entwine with each other throughout. The tale sees a man who loses his faith and commits terrible acts, resulting in him killing a man. The result sees repurcussions of his actions and the story branches yet further.
As the EP progresses, the stories grow side by side.
The lyrics imposed on the new material contain frontman, Stephen Nulty’s meanings, which relate to personal issues in his life.
“Novella” will be released digitally and will be accompanied by an extremely limited physical edition; the EP on CD with a one of a kind hand made cover, individually numbered from 1 – 100. These are to be sold exclusively at shows. The handnumbered idea came about as the band wanted to reward their loyal fanbase, for their continued support.
Outside of the band, the members of Vera Grace have many other creative outlets. Stephen is currently studying fine art. His artistic flair was put to good use, whilst creating the cover of “Novella”. Jonjo regularly attends cos-play events, such as Comic Con. You will often find him dressed to the nines as Finn The Human, from Adventure Time.
Rich hosts a popular Youtube channel called ‘Beauty & The Beard’ with his wife Chloe. They do weekly comedy, gaming and challenge video blogs, and have over 200,000 views and counting.
With relentless ambitions, Vera Grace have had the honour of sharing the stage with such acts as 68’, 36 Crazyfists, Feed The Rhino and Devil Sold His Soul to name but a few. With their hearts in this, Vera Grace will be on the road as much as they possibly can this year.
Vera Grace head out in July for a few shows that include performances with Dead Harts, The Catharsis, Create To Inspire and We Are Carnivores.
October will see extensive touring with two of Europe’s greatest bands, Up River and Canvas. Dates TBA.


The sun covered by grey (since that day)
The 4th of the 4th month, that day he died.

You lay in the cold, the cold ground.
Soil is your bed, it keeps you bound.

10 days past, I am insane.
I walk these streets where you once were.
These roads made out of your skin.

My son, where have you been?
Where have you gone?

I approach your old doors, your old work is now your coffin
A figure lingeres at your bar, a wreck of a man
Fear fills the room
Is he the one?
“Did you take my son”

You lay in the cold, the cold ground.
Soil is your bed, it keeps you bound.

The earth’s flesh is now his home
His home

The crimes I committed, make me no man.
Where did my faith go?
My hands feel like weapons of war,
But used against the good and the innocent.
My brother, her son, you see I thought they were nothing but now are no more,
Now are no more.
Now are no more .

I grip the piece,
Thoughts are passing
The tension is filling the room
He can feel it, I can feel it.
I aim, his face is motionless, just like my body, just like my son.

Do I shoot?
Or will I be the same as him?
A cold killer
A cold man
Ending lives with red hands of loved ones.

April 14th

Death is near.


“Their chaotic vibe, similar to that of The Chariot and Feed The Rhino, makes a refreshing change from some of the staler sounds that are dominating the genre at the moment.” – Dead Press

“…harrowing… I feel inspired and moved”This Noise Is Ours
this EP is seriously worth your time.Toxic Online
Novella shows just why this band is a must have on your iTunesRAMzine
“These guys prove through their music that they love what they do as well as be brilliant at doing it.”Unsigned and Unholy
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