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VERHALTEN inverts electromagnetic field recordings into puzzling noise; listen!

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Patrick Scott is a musician whose passion for homemade minimal music and experimental noise has led to his creation of the field recording project Verhalten, as well as his label Modern Tapes, which seeks to give a home to the obscure, minimal, experimental and DIY.

Beginning with a fascination for punk and experimental music, Patrick initially found himself sidestepping into the post-punk/synthwave scene under the name Unur, releasing 5 tapes and a 12”. While recording with Unur, Scott would break off onto experimental tangents and began recording other ideas:

more noise-based, sometimes industrial, sometimes drone, sometimes blunt, harsh noise wall

Eventually, these tangents would be named: Verhalten, a german word for “behavior” that also implies control and restraint. Of the name, Scott explains that it “parallels my own paradoxical internal attraction to both chaos and precision.” Verhalten has released 8 tapes (with the ninth forthcoming) and one 12”, as well as having appeared on a handful of compilations.

Verhalten’s Corrupted Structures V.3 is available via Patrick’s DIY label, Modern Tapes, and we’re thrilled to give you its full broadcast, along with the new, mind and ear wrenching video “It Is These Inconsistencies in Language That Assist in the Formation of Discernible Patterns”!


This is the third volume of this body of work, it is described as “electromagnetic field recordings from various points in the town where this transient sound mangler was raised (Lancaster, PA). Chopped up, spit out in misaligned patterns and clipped beyond recognition.”

Its purpose is “focused on humanity’s obsession with designing its own obsolescence.”

It is a solo endeavor, with Patrick utilizing electromagnetic field recordings, modular synthesizer, and sampler.

The series was very much inspired by the sound and visual work of Ryoji Ikeda. Scott explains,

“It’s rare for me to have such an obvious reference point for a release or series of releases, but his work really makes me think about patterns and how they weave in and out of our existence. The idea with this was to take data, concrete information, numbers and inject a sense of visceral humanity to it. To use grids and randomization to create the illusion of error. Exploring the dichotomy between the precision of discretely programmed sequences and the chaos of slamming sounds against one another.”

Verhalten cover

As prevalent as Mr. Ikeda’s influence is on this release, you can also find sonic comparisons to the work of Pansonic and the textured noise of The Rita.

This video is an excerpt from track Old Ghosts (drift01). As Patrick describes the process of creating it:

“I asked 7 friends of mine, all of whom I have had conversations with about some kind of patterns in their lives, to write a sentence of varying word counts based on the idea of being misheard, misunderstood or not listened to. I then assembled these word by word based on the sequencing patterns i used to create the track. 7 sentences, 7 channels used in my sequencer. The result lets us find patterns of our own in the individual words that can stray completely from the original intent of the content of the sentences feeding back into the concept of being misheard, misunderstood or not listened to… hence the title ‘It Is These Inconsistencies in Language That Assist in the Formation of Discernible Patterns.’”

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