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Power punk rock duo HOT NUNS premieres new tuneful jam, comment on Norwegian scene

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Norwegian stripped down punk rock duo HOT NUNS released their first EP in November 2019, and now they’re back with awesome new EP “Rude, Dumb & Anxious”, advertised by great The Boys cover “First Time” and new song “I Love You Still, I Always Will”, which we’re stoked to premiere below! The track is a nailed-on success full of sparkling, life-affirming energy:

The song is about swallowing your pride and admitting to yourself and your loved one that you need them. Something that is considered weak, but really demands strength and true bravery.

“Rude, Dumb & Anxious” EP

The record is four tracks of stripped down punk rock. Its only drums, bass and our vocals. We have a rule that if we can’t play it live we can’t put in on record either. So there is no cheating here. Not trying to be pretentious, but we try to make music the same way Lars Von Trier made Dogville. No fancy extra layers needed to get the story across. The lyrics are mostly about sad losers longing for love except the title track «Rude, Dumb & Anxious» who is about people who will say whatever about stuff they don’t know just to fit in and look good.

Needless to say the coronavirus thing haven’t had the biggest impact on us. We didn’t have too many shows set up anyway and in Norway the law is now you can’t be places with more than 5 people present and with only two people we´re far under that line and can still meet to practise and write new songs. But we’re in other bands (Blood Command) who have suffered from it and had to cancel a 6 week European tour just two weeks in. That sucked big time and hurt us economically.

Touring wise, we had some support slots we can’t go public with yet, but we hope we get to be a part of them when they’re rescheduled. As everyone else we’re doing a streaming concert thing Friday 17 of April because someone offered us moolahs. That will be the closest we get to playing a show with this project for a while.

HOT NUNS by Oystein Haara
HOT NUNS by Oystein Haara

Norwegian alt punk and rock scene

The folky pop punk thing is not big here but there is a lot of bands playing that stuff and they have a strong community and everything. Good for them we guess. In Norway the biggest rock band at the moment are Kvelertak which is amazing. They deserve to have the spotlight because they are really something else and sooo good. The negative thing about having as successful bands as that is that all other bands are trying to copy them to copy their success (weak!) So we have a lot of those Kvelertak copies in Norway. Which is boring. And most bands sing in Norwegian too which is also boring, but there are some bands that stand out and are really good.

Combos from Trondheim

Norway’s new punk rock hope. They sound fresh which is sorely needed here. They mix punk rock with loads of 90´s influences.

Barren Womb from Trondheim

alternative rock duo with guitars and drums. Sounds rickety as hell but there are some undeniable hits in there.

Fjorden Baby from Bergen

This is one of few bands that sing in Norwegian and also sounds cool. They wish they was born in Manchester, but they have done a real good job coming as close as possible without a UK passport.

Psykopath from Bergen

Future thrash kings of Norway. Just give them some time. They just released their second ep.

Cult Member from Tromsø:

This is some crossover thrash stuff from Tromsø with members from tons of bands but this is their best effort yet. Best thing we’ve heard in a while.

HOT NUNS by Oystein Haara
HOT NUNS by Oystein Haara

Here is some bands everyone should check out if they havent yet:


Fake grind core ish (on their first records at least) band from the US. Everything they have released are great but their latest effort: «You Wont Get What You Want» is the best record we’ve heard in years

Viagra Boys:

Swedish post-punk with the coolest basslines. Drugthemed stripped down hits all the way.


Now defunct (or on a hiatus) Japanther from Brooklyn, New York was/is a bass and drums punk/indie twopiece with loads of catchy hits.

Sleaford Mods:

There is nothing more british upper-lower working-class than this band. The songs kick ass and the way the DJ behaves on stage is hilarious.

White Reaper:

Fooken hits. This band isn’t that old but it sounds like a band from the late 70s

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