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VIENTRE’s ‘Fiel de Fechos’: a thunderous screamo manifesto unveiled

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Emerging from the shadows cast by their acclaimed LP “Estado de Imago” and a slew of split releases in 2021 and 2022, Colombia’s own screamo act Vientre is back in the spotlight with their latest offering, “Fiel de Fechos.”

This new single and its accompanying video stand as a testament to the band’s unrelenting dedication to their craft, delivering a sonic punch that leaves an indelible mark in just under two minutes.

In a genre defined by its cathartic outpourings of emotion, Vientre’s “Fiel de Fechos” doesn’t hold back. It’s a sonic storm that crashes through the speakers, proving their ability to distill the very essence of screamo into such a compact yet powerful form is nothing short of remarkable.

But Vientre’s return doesn’t stop here. With their foot firmly on the accelerator, they have a lineup of upcoming releases that promise to keep fans eagerly anticipating what’s next.


According to the band, they have a couple more singles slated for release at the beginning of the upcoming year, building on the momentum generated by “Fiel de Fechos.” But that’s not all. A new split with Naivete from Mexico is also in the works, scheduled to hit the scene at the end of December. It’s a collaboration that’s sure to ignite a fire in the hearts of screamo enthusiasts on both sides of the border.

Furthermore, Vientre is not content with just their own sonic endeavors. They’re part of a new screamo compilation, a collective effort featuring bands like DIM, Saton from Mexico, and Massa Nera from the USA. This compilation promises to be a melting pot of the genre’s finest, a testament to the international reach and appeal of screamo.


Vientre is gearing up for an exciting journey, embarking on a tour in their native Colombia. It’s a testament to their dedication to connecting with their local audience, and undoubtedly, it’s an experience that fans won’t want to miss. The band is already laying the groundwork for their next tour in the United States, scheduled for 2024. It’s a testament to their ambition and drive, as they continue to push the boundaries of screamo and post-hardcore.



Vieja tradición cae, el velo se rompe
Prudencia-calma, revelación
Quieres moverte y un muro te lo impide
Nunca fue tan oscuro, tan solo abrázame
Extiende tu mano
La sangre corre espesa en las venas de la culpa

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