VINTAGE KICKS stream new song

VINTAGE KICKS have premiered a new song called “Bad News Broski”. Take a listen below:

Sing along!

We’re the believers of bass, drums, and reverb!
Big Bangs, and comfortable T-shirts…
We’ve done unthunkable research,..
and won’t be slowed down.
“but thats not what she heard!..”
But all of the braincells in my mind
have silenced my stupid heart…
and in the wake of time you’ll find
me begging for a restart…
“Don’t ApoliGIIIIIZE”
they won’t let me win til i say sorry

so cut off my tongue, put out my eyes,
and spin me around three times
and point me towards a feild of mines
then leave me to wander blind

…and where am i
in a solid dream state
in a world combined
with time, and fate
“last night felt so damn right
i loved you
i know you loved me too
but here comes the bad news..
i sing the blues…”

“dont apoligize”
they wont let me win til i say sorry
“needle in your eye”
guess i am whatever she thinks

we’re the deceivers,
the under achievors, geezers
the ones who evolve in reverse
we heard that walking make feet hurt
and hide out in caves
but thats just what she heard
but back when i was still a man
id give her my human heart
but now i know it dont exist
replaced with a metal part

this organs weighing me down
oh this stupid part of me
i need to focus right now
i need to focus

last night was so damn right i loved you
i know you loved me too
but here is the bad news
i sing the blues

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